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Watch and listen as Kelly and Justin have some wine and enjoy The Wizard of Oz! I say with no false bravado this is our best episode yet.....

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Hi thanks for the add.I hope you enjoy my banjo version of this wonderful tune.

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Judy Garland is amazing!!!!:-*

After the Wizard of Oz:
After The Wizard of Oz: The History Behind It:

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Review: A. George Dave Prince

After The Wizard of Oz: The History Behind it:

Extra children have no place to go.
Lost, forgotten, children with no home.
This happens before the Foster Guardianship Parents, Authority Police and the Government or Prime Mister.
The hidden children once lived in the community places that were unexpected.
They were scattered about, the stateship and the public want them out of the way, if caught they are back out on the street removed. Once living in abandon Realist ate residential houses, Empty industrial Industries, stores, plaza’s, and Malls living in buildings they once call home.
The Children did what they had to do to able to survive:
Job Explortation, Robbery Stealing such as food and supplies, and fake Identification: Public Education,
without a Foster Guardian Parents, Authority Parent signature form. Family Orphans stood together with a promise they will never be break apart. The adopted child, children were picked was chosen, not necessary as a family bond group that was taken in. They could be split apart distance, miles, far away from their families. Communication of Location search, Contact and Job Employment becomes hard to find.
Authority Parents/ Authority Police once did not know what to do with them.
Before the day of Child aid workers, adoptions agency, and Orphanage homes, accepted the children.
We meant no disrespect to the Counsel Senate of the Lion: The Extra’s children wanted to be respected like everybody else: why treat us miles distantly apart? The Children just wanted to be respected, taken in: Given a home, even be adopted.
An Orphanage is not a prison. It is a Residential Pillar-Foundation not a fancy place, a foster house or Community Child Services Care, a home they could live in.
Orphan Houses started with the Parish Priest back then who found a place for them.
Foster Guardian Parents were willing to welcome them. Sadly that Anunt M and Uncle Henry died; Dorothy Gail: carrel farm many generations has passed, Emerald Cities Crynogenisis you fullness remains the same.
Their Orphans:
Dorothy or her real name is Elizabeth. She May or may not able to function in the world of Realization however
Dorothy lives in the secret society a Realm dimensional World: The World of Oz: Seem real to her that many people, the community does not ever get to see. Inspired by Dorothy, the book written is recorded by L. Frank Baum novel. The Public reads with inspiration. All Elizabeth wanted to do is escape to the Realm of Oz than live in the orphanage home to escape the burden of her Problems.
Note: The Realm dimensional World’s similar places to The World of Oz could be, Realization Real or Mystic Fantasy.
Either Case until the theist theatric Realm Dreamension World could be proven, if it exists will remains a mystery,
The Public from the Realization Real world will never know.

Review: A. George Dave Prince


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