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Name: Sarah
Last name: Crystal
Sex: female
Likes: cats, ball of yarn,friends
Dislikes: dogs, when in cat form hates water
Bio: when she was 5 her parents were gone and left her at a doorstep until the person took her in to take care of her
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Name: Toy Bonnie
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Likes: Scaring [people, cuddling
Dislikes: Bossy people
Bio: Was forced to dance for Bonnie, and then thrown in the basement.

Are cheerleading allowed?

Can we have another prom? Or at least homecoming?

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is running with a sonic screwdriver when I run into someone

Job:Youtuber(so far)
Likes:Making friends, learning, animating
Dislikes:Bullies, haters

Riding a skateboard down the hall fast until she knocks into somebody
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