So what is the first-choice weekend for Nerdly 2019? Is it the weekend before Memorial Day, again?

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Just leaving this here, because it seems on-theme. Owl Pear.
Lar on Twitter
Lar on Twitter

Looks like google+ is being shut down at last. Any thoughts on where to move the online nerdly community?

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Apologies for spamming this everywhere, but it seemed important to get ahead of the discussion before it splintered too much. Especially sorry if I slapped this into multiple of your posts at once.

I just threw this community together to help coordinate the tabletop folks migration from here to ... wherever we all end up. Please join so we may may make an orderly retreat rather than a panicked rout:

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I know not all of you are on FB a lot so wanted to share this here - a little homebrew gaming weekend that Chris and I are hosting in about 6 weeks. Short version: October 5-7, Johnson City, TN - let me know if you want more info & don't want to log into/don't have FB to see the details.)

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This is a pretty good article on using Safety mechanics in RPGs that I though the Owlbear community would appreciate.

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File this away for next year
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You guys are the best. I miss you. That is all.

So, I spent Nerdly sick and half in my cabin, and did not participate as much as usual, though I tried. I appreciated everyone who accepted me at less than 100% and more than a little disconnected at times. I returned home and immediately had surgery taking out all my reproductive organs. I am doing well and recovering in bed thinking about Nerdly. It felt like a dream. It still feels like a dream.

I remember being surrounded by friends and people who feel like family. I remember laying on a lot of benches. I remember my artistic Hydras, the little ones going dark and full coverage halfway through. I remember making a silly game with Joshua and Amanda and her husband whose name I forget. The general idea had potential. I remember attempting to perform soviet space opera in front of people, which was difficult for me but I did it.

I don't remember a lot though. Can people help me remember things?

Outstanding money for t-shirts!

If you owe me money for a shirt, I'd like to resolve that by the end of the month.

Please and thank you!
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