When does the post nerdly slump go away?

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This is the adventure I previewed at Camp this year (Saturday morning). Names within the adventure may have been changed to protect confidentiality. ;)
For fans of D&D and our favorite man in tights, check out my classically inspired adventure, Free Men of the Bow, now available through the Dms Guild.

Let's do a Nerdly kid track checkup!

This was my first year running the kid track and my volunteers were so awesome. I felt like a slacker half the time because you all picked up so much slack. I had planned to game only in the night slots after kid track wrapped each day, but found myself at loose ends multiple times because you all had it all together without me! My hope is that we all got to slack a little more this year because there were so many people helping keep it tight.

Did you feel like you were over/under utilized as a kid track volunteer? I want to know about it!

Mixed age gamerunners, did you feel you had sufficient support for the kids in your games?

Parents, did you feel like your kids were safe and well supervised?

How did everyone feel about the post apocalyptic bands of school aged kids running around the camp playing make believe? I received several notifications/complaints of minor mischeif that mostly seemed to boil down to "children are being children without supervision, are you sure that's okay?" I addressed some of the older kids about being mean to some of the younger ones. It wasn't quite Nerdly: Lord of the Flies, but it was different and a new challenge. Parents, how did you feel about it? Did your kids have a good time? Other adult experiences with the roving bands of children?

I know some of the kids from my LARP interrupted your gaming. That was not my intention and I heavily suggested they would have better luck searching for their contacts at lunch when everyone was in one place. I apologize for not anticipating their impatience. In hindsight, duh. Thoughts or comments on this?

In general, how did parents feel about the camp travel waivers and stickers? Is that a thing that worked for you and your kids? Should we continue it next year or revamp? Did you feel like your kids were safe?

Campfire was kind of last minute pulled together because I realized nobody had specifically volunteered to run it and the only real plan was boiled down to "smores?" Any thoughts on what to do in future years? Give up on campfire? Try to revive it? Teach the children to set things on fire and hope?

Any other thoughts or comments on kid track? What went right? What went wrong? What made sense this year? What confused you?

I don't know if I'm running kid track next year, but I'll still be a big part of it for sure. So give me input! I neeeeeeeed it. 

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So I haven't really talked about what I played at +Camp Nerdly​ mostly because I haven't had the energy to do play reports, nor will I likely do so this year. That said I do want to talk about my ten candles experience with +Paul Edson​, +Richard Rogers​, +Melissa S Cohen​, +Rachael Storey​, and +George Austin​.

So fuck this was a dark game. What's cool is that the previous sentence works literally and figuratively. We're in a cabin in the woods that is only illuminated by 10 candles. We're playing unprepared survivors of the end of the world where all light is being consumed. When we succeed, we usually make it temporarily make it harder to succeed. When we fail, we blow out a candle and make it permanently harder to succeed. If we want a second chance, we literally burn with fire a trait we have. When all the candles are out, we're all dead.

I think everybody had a reason to cry by the end. Seriously awesome fucking game. I'm going to go sleep with the lights on now.

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Photos from Camp Nerdly! Friends, trees, cabins, games, community. I feel so lucky to be part of this. Is it next May yet? https://www.flickr.com/photos/vermilionink/sets/72157682335104860

Short recap is recap that happens.

Point one - I was impressed by the meals this year, tasty and we didn't have the giant pile of leftovers, and I think had enough food, other than maybe Sunday morning.

Point two - thanks to all my camp C peeps for making my job super easy.

Point three - I should also thank the people who had my kid in their game, but it all went so smooth from my perspective that I don't actually remember most of them. So good job kid handlers :)

Friday night I finally got to play The Quiet Year, it was good (sorry, first game gets pushed out of the brain easily) though I think we could have done better at actually, y'know, being quiet. Run by Scott Price, I think.

Saturday morning I facilitated Laser Kittens with +Keith Stetson​ and my 8 year old. I'd been a little worried that he was just humoring me when I asked last week and he said he was still interested, but evidently not, so thanks much Keith for helping make that happen.

Saturday afternoon +George Austin​ did the thing, and it was awesome and somebody will write more better about it I'm sure. Or maybe I will later, who knows.

Saturday evening I'd strong armed +Shane Liebling​ into moving The Watch so figured I should play that ;) We had a good time but yeesh that's a lot of setup. I mostly yelled at +William Nichols​ a lot.

Sunday morning we hung about, played some board games, etc. I'm told we need to buy a copy of telestrations (sp?). Helped clean up, then helped organize the after lunch for people going north, which was also spectacular.

Nerdly weekend is best weekend, though I'm still recovering.

Do you have the post nerdly slump?

Are you in Northern Virginia?

Are you free tonight, at or around 7 PM, for indie RPGs?

Then come join us at the Complaet Strategist in Falls Church.

Confirmed is Fiasco and some unnamed and unread Jason game that I am going to play blind. We've got a box o' games, but -- like Nerdly -- we prefer it if people bring a game to share.

This is an open to the public indie gaming night. Some of us gather at the Strat at six and go for sushi dinner down the road. Some don't. Either is fine.

We normally have 5 to 10 people, sometimes as high as 20. We can handle multiple tables, but pushing past 3 or so is really reaching.

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PostNerdly selfie. 

Thank you so, so much to the whole camp for making my very first Camp Nerdly one of the most amazing experiences ever. You are all so welcoming and lovely! As someone who traveled a long-ass way to play some wonderful games, I'd do it back again in a heartbeat.

In fact, I very much hope to see you all again for Nerdly 2018! Although next time I'll maybe arrive earlier to better accomodate the jet lag.

Much love! Can't wait to do it all over again. Please, please stay in touch, add me, talk to me, and all of that jazz. 
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