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Name: "Rosa Tenebris."

Age: "I'm immortal, what did you think?"

Nickname: "Just Rosa, if you must. I also go by the name of Dark Rose."

Gender: "I don't get why it's so hard to understand I'm female."

Species: "I'm a demon."

Friends: "Not really..."

Looks Under: "Nature."

Devil of: "Nature... didn't I say that already?"

Abilities: "I control the parts of nature that humans desire and hate. They are all under my power."

Crush: "Umm, I'm not sure exactly..."

Dating: "No one..."
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Name: Mystic Cluod

Age: 23

Nickname: Snipe

Gender: Female

Species: Devil

Sexuality: Straight

Friends: Keeps her life to a minimum on friends

Watches over/Looks Under: Watches over her younger sibling

Angel/Devil of: Insane-ness

Abilities: Flexible to the max! She can blend into corners that cast shadows

Crush: none

Dating: Her "boyfriend" Keal Jones. Who she really didn't want to become her boyfriend but had to do it cause of her father.

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Name: hayate Zan kagane
Age: immortal but physically 12
Nickname: Zan
Gender: male
Species: human part devil and 1/3 angel
Sexuallity: straight
Friends: what's a friend
Watches over: planet earth
Looks under: the clouds, duh
Angel/devil of: angel of peace but devil of war
Abilities: fighting, killing
Crush: rosa
Dating: no one

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is in heaven walks around hums and skips looks left then right jumps down from the clouds and now is falling into the sky,my wings open and is now flying, lands on the ground near a park in the outer world my wings disappear my cloths change to a black and white striped long sleeved shirt,a light pink skirt white stockings,and knee high black boots with light pink hearts on the side of them (open rp)
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Suki was flying in the sky when looked downward overhead "Huh-"

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Name: Aiyana

Age: immortal but appears to be about 16

Nickname: Blossom




Friends: none

Watches over:Earth

Angel of:Earth

Abilities: as the watcher of the earth, Aiyana has absolute control and manipulate over rocks and plants of entire world.

Crush: none


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Name: Death

Age: Been alive since the beginning of time. Looks about 27

Nickname: Death

Gender: Male

Species: Angel

Sexuality: Straight

Friends: War Conquest Famine

Watches over: The reapers and all deaths

Angel of: Death

Abilities: Master of almost all weapons(taught by war) can summon reapers to fight for him, can summon a black horse like war with fire i control and generate ice

Crush: Placere auxilium replete contundito / gf macula epistolam quam per partes velis.

If you're wondering this is based of the horseman of death and my friends is the horseman of war i wanted to clarify that and we made them angels because while they are considered bad they are angelic so thats why i chose the angel he chose it cause he likes angles
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