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Name: Cordelia
Age: 13
Gender: f
Species: ghost
Powers: ghost powers
Weapon: sword
Bio: she was killed as a kid and is now the same age forever, she explores the ghost zones documenting everything that's new she sees
(picture needed)

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NAME: Willow Blackthorn
AGE: 21
GENDER: Female
SPECIES: Half Ghost
LIKES: Books, Music, Gothic art, and Poetry
DISLIKES: Large crowds, Bullies, and Popular kids
PERSONALITY: Human form - Loner who stays to self and prefers shadowy areas
Ghost form - Extreme fighter who just wants to beat up ghosts
POWERS: Echo laser, Multiply self, Ghostly wail, Overshadow, Invisiblity, and Fasing through objects
WEAPON: Ghost powers
BIO: Dad is a mortician while mom is a chemical scientist. Dad worked with dead bodies while mom would mix chemicals to make new things. Strangely while she was pregnant with me without knowing she used one of her mixtures on herself and it made me half ghost. My powers didn't activate though till I basically died. I was 13 and walking home and a car had hit me. Doctors say my heart had stopped for several full minutes. Walking back home I realised my abilities when I stepped through my front door without opening it. I ran to my room and say my body change to my ghostly form (second image). I have practiced my abilities since then and have developed quiet well. Then when I turned 18 I moved to Amity Park for more practice because I heard there was a lot of ghost activity there. I haven't met the ghost boy yet but I really want to meet him.
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Name: Ruby Rose
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Likes: Cookies, Cuddles, Going Fast, Nice people and Jazz/Blues
Dislikes: Not Cookies, Rude people, Heavy Metal, etc.
Personality: Bubbly, Sweet, Caring, Serious if need be.
Friends: N/A
Enemies: Her mind and limits
Weapon: Crescent Rose
Abilities: Super Speed.
Bio: Ruby Rose. The daughter of Summer Rose, one of the world's greatest Huntresses. At a young age, Ruby was being taught how to fight Grimm and other forces of Evil that the world might throw at her in the future, When Ruby was Six, Her mother went out for a mission but never came back. During a Thunderstorm, She was told that Summer had been violently murdered by some unknown force. She was not present at the Viewing nor the Funeral, A few years would pass by Until she got accepted into the Beacon school of Combat and she would spend four years doing more training to become a huntress, That however failed during her third year when a member of her own team betrayed her, Ruby was trying to save one of her other team mates when Blake, Ran a blade Straight into the girl's chest, Luckily it didn't hit any vital organs nor did it paralyze her, After 48 hours of Surgery she was saved, Ruby was put into a medically induced Coma for about four-five months, Afterwards she was told that the damages to her spine would make becoming a huntress..rather difficult, She could not lift anything half her own weight or take any hits. During her final exams, She was failed due to those complications. That didn't stop her from being a Huntress Freelance though. Ruby upgraded her mecha scythe to something more light weight and manageable for her, using Dust and a fair about of Magic. Her reflexes are also not as great as they used to be, In her prime Ruby could easily dodge any number of attacks. Now, She is lucky to be able to dodge any normal attacks. You will occasionally catch her praying to Athena at times though.
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Name: Sam gifer\belle pifer
Freinds:danny fetom
Family lily gifer (deraced), bill (deraced)

Ascos:necklace got it for her birthday balcet got it when her mom died
Crush:danny phatom
Bio:her mom died ather her mom died she got a blacet when she opens it there a picture of them
Specis:half human half ghost
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Ella es gali the gost ( el nombre todavía está en mejore ) ella es una chica mitad fantasma la cual es aprendiz de Daniel Alexander fentom ( hijo de Danny phantom ) su historia se enfoca en el año 2024 .
He trabajado en este comic si quieren puedo subirlo a Google +o me esperarian a que suba el anime a YouTube

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Hello everybody! I'm new here!

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Name: Damian Lee/Phantasm

Age; 16

Gender: Male

Species: Halfa...I think thats the word

Powers: Buckle up, its a long list

Flight: The power to defy gravity, and propel themselves through the air. Flight is one of the most basic powers. Most ghosts (if not all) can fly or float.

Intangibility: The power to phase through all forms of matter, but not always energy.

Invisiblity: The power that causes the ghost to become completely transparent to all forms of vision.

Overshadowing: The power to take over another living (or sometimes not living things) body. Can be resisted by strong will power to an extent.

Ghost Ray: The power allows the ghost to shoot a blast of ectoplasmic energy that usually comes out of the palm of it's hand. The color seems to determine its maximum power.

Supernatural Physical Abilities: Many ghosts posses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, dexterity and reflexes.

Going Ghost: The power to change from human to ghost, only half ghosts have this power.

Ghostly Wail: Proven to be one of the most powerful and rarest ghost powers. It allows the ghost to generate great sonic waves of ectoplasmic energy which destroy whatever they hit and more.

Duplication: The ability of a ghost to make exact copies of themself, each possessing its personality and powers.

Teleportation: The power to move from place to place by thought.

Cryokinesis: The power for ghosts to fire or radiate intense cold, it can also be used to detect ghosts.

Shape Shifting: The power for a ghost to change its appearance, form or even characteristics.

Telekinesis: Arguably the most powerful power, the power that allows ghosts to make objects move, float or break at will; can be restricted to certain objects.

Ghost Portal Creation: A very rare power that allows ghosts to personally create portals between Earth and The Ghost Zone at will.

Ghost Shield: Some ghosts can create a shield made out of Ectoplasmic Energy around themselves.

Ghost Stinger: The power to zap a being or object that the ghost is hold/touching/connected to something else that the energy can run through with ectoplasmic energy.

Pyrokinesis: The power to create fire and burn things, all ghosts who uses this power use blue fire.

Why I have all of these powers? THATS WHAT I WANNA KNOW!

Weapons: Im from New York. I dont need weapons.

Bio: Well...Im from New York, have a split personality named Osiris and have jack diddly clue on how I got my powers. All I know is that I moved to amity with my family and poof! They were there.

(~This is the first rp I have ever done so it's probably going to be complete trash~)

walking around Amity
Man, I'm hungry. Let's see....should I put off my responsibilities for food....duh. Now where can I get some though?

walks into something
Ow! Ok, what did I just walk into?

looks up and sees Nasty Burger sign
I don't even know if that's convenient or just plain sad.

walks into Nasty Burger and walks up to counter
NB Worker: Hello. What would you like today?

looks at worker's name tag
You really wanted to be included in the rp in some kind of way, didn't you, Alice Scarlet?

Alice: Shut up, I needed a name for the worker.

Whatever. Anyway, I'll have some water and a Nasty Burger.

Alice: Ok. There you go and that will be $••.••.

You know you could have also done that with the name tag, right?

Alice: Shushie your mouthie, it's my rp.

pays Alice and takes the food
Ok, I'm going to pretend I didn't hear you say that and go eat my food.

starts walking to a random table

Alice: fake cheerful voice Alright, hope to see you again here soon!! mutters Annoying B•tch, been spending too much time around my other characters. calms down and sighs Poor child.

rolls eyes, sits down, and starts eating the burger

(~Open rp~)

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Real Name: Phoenix Amherst

Ghost Name: Fire Nix

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Species: Halfa

Powers: Pyrokinesis, ecto-balls, shields, teleportation, duplication, invisibility, intangibility, ecto-electricity, ecto-lasers, flying, ecto-disks, overshadowing

Weapon: Ecto-daggers and katanas

Personality: Shy, caring, scary when mad, slight clairsentient, kind, naive, protective, can have an attitude depending on her mood and who she's around, awkward, unique, clumsy, funny, and fun-loving

Likes: Music, nice people, friends, sweets, singing, animals especially white tigers, helping others, sweets, cooking/baking, breaking the fourth wall, and her necklace (laugh at it she’ll hurt steal or damage it on purpose she’ll kill you)

Dislikes: Racist, homophobes, sexist, bullies, evil people especially Vlad, abuse, dying, large bodies of water, people in danger, and seeing people sad

Bio: After going through a bunch of things (awesome things) with her friends, Phoenix decides that she wants to leave Michigan but she can’t because she is an orphan. Three of her friends (they’re rich) talk their cousins/guardians into helping her by buying her a house in Amity Park since she helped them so much in the past. Because of this she ends up moving to Amity Park, on her way to her new house, she gets in the middle of Vlad and Danny’s fight in which Vlad tries to blast Danny and misses. Sadly, Phoenix wasn’t as lucky and she got hit instead, the blast was strong enough not to hurt/kill her but to give her ghost powers.

Other: She knows that she is in an rp which means she may break the fourth wall at times....kinda like Deadpool.

First picture is her human form while the second picture is her ghost form.
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