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Hi all, here's a great employment opportunity at Smith College.  Please read on and consider!

The Smith College Libraries seeks energetic, creative, and accomplished candidates to join us as Digital Library Applications Administrator.  This newly created position will focus on re-imagining and implementing emerging Digital Library services. You’ll help us inaugurate open source tools for web content management, digital repositories, and collection management. And you will work with a dynamic team of content and technology specialists in the Libraries, Information Technology Services and other campus constituencies to design, develop, test and support programs. We are looking for candidates who are fluent in more than one programming language, such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, or JavaScript and Python. Experience in establishing and customizing open source software, preferably Fedora Commons, Drupal, and ArchiveSpace applications is a plus.
Those of you who have visited our part of the world know that Northampton, Massachusetts and the Pioneer Valley is a vibrant cultural and educational destination with easy access to Boston and New York.
The job listing and application instructions are below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Tomorrow is our very first #LibTechWomen monthly IRC!
-Fri. Dc. 6. 2PM EST.

First Friday 2PM EST will be the time of our monthly IRC chat.

The topic of the first monthly chat shall be:
-Share our experience of sexism in library technology field
-And how to deal with those daily challenges wisely

If you have more monthly chat topics in mind, please reply to this thread and we will go through them every month.

For those who are not familiar with IRC, here are super simple steps:
-Go to : -Type in your nickname of choice.
-Type in libtechwomen in Channels.

You are in! Say hi and chat with us :)

-When you want to show you are away, type /away [away msg]
-When you want to leave type /quit
-Type /me to refer yourself as your nickname in the 3rd person.

Whether you have been active or lurking, let's all meet tomorrow!

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the LibTechWomen community! We are the most grateful to all of you who make this community possible and rock.

We shall also be holing a monthly chat at IRC #libtechwomen every first Friday of the month 2pm EST starting on Fri. Dec 6. (The Twitter chat may happen at the same time if there is enough interest as well. :) Mark your calendar! Happy Thanksgiving!

Photo from Flickr commons taken by Flickr user, thisreidwrites:

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Next LibTechWomen meeting is TODAY! 3pm EDT / 12 noon PDT. Connection information can be found below. See you then!
In our next meeting we'll discuss:

* website
* events
* workshops

Code of Conduct
* creating a code of conduct
* uses for the code

Connection information for the event is below:

Phone Number: (605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code: 1020632#

Hi all,
Do you have a favorite/reliable website mapping program? Preferably one that has a visual output, so I can show my colleagues what a bowl of spaghetti our website truly is.
I've looked around a little, but don't have much experience with this sort of thing.

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Sort of our mission statement worked out from our meeting so far is :

LibTechWomen is a supportive space for women and their friends to network, develop skills, build confidence, and lead positive change.  Whether you're an experienced or aspiring technologist, whether technology is a hobby or part of your job, you belong here.

Do you like it? We hope you do!
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