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The any RP option is if you can't decide on what type of RP you want to do or want mix different types.

hey anyone want to rp?

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Anyone wanna rp with this girl? her name its Lilly~


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Anyone wants to help this girl grow massive with babies?~

hey thanks for accepting me!

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Name: generalflippy
Species: egyptian double vampire bat cat
Age: 1005
Height: 2 times the size of a normal cat
Role: pred and prey
Vore preferences: likes being eaten more than he dose eating but he will allow mostly anything since he has cloning tech he doesn't care about digestion


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thanks for making me a member i am peterson i run a blog called ask-generalflippy on tumblr i am open for vore roleplays right now and i allow any type of vore other than hard core heres the link to my blog

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Name- Trex

Age- 18

Gender- Male

Teacher/student- Student

Species- Lucario

Likes- Big boobs and any vore

Dislikes- cock vore, bullies

Vore preference- Anal, boobs, and oral vore

Willing/unwilling- willing

Sexuality- straight

Personality- creative and friendly.
(Art not mine)

Hi everyone, I'm new
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