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Edward Koenig

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I debated where to post this snippet about systemd.  So I'll just "preach to the choir" here to avoid the need for flame retardant attire.

Perusing Slashdot, I ran across a post re: KDE and systemd.  There was much back-and-forth, but this AC response struck a cord.  No systemd for me and likely no KDE....

In response to "Haters hate [systemd], but do they know why?"

AC responded:
Let's run down the list of "why":

- Systemd contains an unchecked null reference pointer that segfaults PID 1.
Lennart Poettering states he won't fix it []

- Systemd and Gnome allow bypassing gnome-shell password prompts granting root
Left unfixed for over a year []

- Systemd segfaults during upgrades of itself, combined with the new log files that can't be retrieved Mr Poettering says are required to fix the bug, but he will not provide any method for Systemd to generate the logs he demands from it. [] []

- Systemd distros can not boot if no ethernet link is present []

- Systemd distros can not boot if using certain DNS servers []

- Systemd distros can not boot if using certain NTP servers []

- Enabling the kernel "debug" command line option results in boot storage being filled with thousands of dmesg log entries per second from Systemd, and a non-booting system results []

- Systemd disables SysRq keys to ensure data loss after any of the many many instances it is coded to fail under []
New submitter yeupou writes: Early this year, David Edmundson from KDE, concluded that "In many cases [systemd] allows us to throw away large amounts of code whilst at the same time providing a better user experience. Adding it [systemd] as an optional extra defeats the main benefit". A perfectly se...
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systemd's main problem are the same is that Microsoft has: ship now, patch later seasoned with severe narcissism.

On the Portland Linux User Group mailing list there appeared re: real world use of systemd.  If systemd is problematic on Servers, why would any rational person put it on a desktop? There is simply no excuse for poorly designed software and no excuse for Linux distros to jump on it without proper testing and vetting of functionality. 

I recently installed ArchLinux on a server, which uses systemd. The machine has RAID1 arrays and a lvm2 device providing /home. Recently, I lost parts of one of drives. At some point it hung and I rebooted, when it came back up, it complained about /home not being available and dropped me to a recovery root login prompt. I'm not sure why it hung on a missing /home. Had it progressed, I could have patched things up over the network. Even after I fixed up the RAID, systemd was still unhappy. I could login from a console, run vgchange -a y and exit and then the network would come up and I'd get a working system. Untangling that will wait until I need to reboot again. I like systemd in theory. It's the practice that I find problematic.
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Hello Guys! I need your help! I am trying to install KDE 5 Plasma in Slackware Current.

But the error on dbus is showing to me. :(

I just already did the steps bellow:

1) update, install-new, upgrade-all the current mirror ' slackware.
2)synced the repository
#rsync -av --exclude=x86 rsync:// . (almost 2GB)

3)Removed the Old KDE 4
removepkg /var/log/packages/4.14.3
removepkg libkscreen
removepkg kscreen
removepkg kactivities
removepkg kde-workspace
removepkg libmm-qt
removepkg libnm-qt
removepkg plasma-nm
removepkg polkit-kde-agent-1
removepkg polkit-kde-kcmodules-1
removepkg kdeconnect-kde

4)After I installed using the commands
upgradepkg --reinstall --install-new x86_64/deps/.t?z
upgradepkg --reinstall --install-new x86_64/kde//.t?z
upgradepkg x86_64/kdei/.t?z
slackpkg new-config

6)I ran xwmconfig, and set xinitrc.plasma as default option selected
7)Edited /etc/rc.d/rc.4 and set sddm as default to start.
8)login as root and tried to run startx

And then : Boommm! this error ... someone can help me on this.

The entirely day i'm googling and trying to discover by my self. but i cant give more one step alone... :(


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really! well in this case all be waiting for news... :) Many Thanks +Matteo Bernardini 
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Hello here,

I'm playing with H3 SOC based Orange Pi Mini 2 and they claim to have Slackware distribution.

Is that official? As I understand, H3 CPU is only supported by the new fresh 4.3 kernel (right?) so what the guys have is not an official port.

Any plans of official support?

As for Orange PI Mini 2 itself, it hangs on Raspbian linux (or whatever I tried) and looks not very stable device.
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Hi Friends,

I bought a new pc, I installed Slackware, update it, set it up with KDE and now I've realized that the Restart and ShutDown options are missing.

Is there any way to make them do appear?
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Hi Friends
A new problem appears:
Cannot open ConsoleKit session: Unable to open session: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 127

But i found a solution:
The initial problem of this was,
because I did not install cgmanager.

My apologies for my ignorance, and thanks for your help +Christopher Parsons +Kirk Pearson +ANANTHAKRISHNAN GOPALAKRISHNAN 
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Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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GTK+3 Build of MATE
After finalizing MATE 1.12 for 14.1, my next goal is to try providing GTK+3 version of MATE under slackware-current. Some other Linux distributions have started doing this on MATE 1.12 (namely ArchLinux and Fedora), but for Slackware 14.1, i decided to stic...
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Linux King

Discussion  - 
New video posted by LZH-Project "" The Traceroute and How it works. Please do spread the word and share with Friends and Family. Like us on YouTube: Linuxking, Facebook: linuxking77 , Skype: itpings, Email:
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I have a problem when i update automaticallynslacklackware mount /de/ram0 to 15 why?
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Well, now I installed Debian 8.2 and has not happened to me, including another distributions .... +Luis Cavalheiro 
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* My dream *
Slackware 15 with:
Xfce 4.12 with all toys
Mate (Default as Xfce)

LoL #Slackware #BestDistro
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+Luis Cavalheiro Slackware's status in 2012 is described at the top of 10.2's ChangeLog.txt:
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Edward Koenig

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The Further Adventures in Slackware64-current Live

Of the three x86_64 I have currently available I was able to boot in to one of them (see prior post on Dell laptop)

Asus X200CA laptop

Booting via UEFI USB drops me into a grub menu.
Booting via legacy USB starts to boot until error:
/boot/initrd_4.1.13.gz: No live media found...trouble ahead
ls: /mnt/media/liveslak/system/*.sxz: No such file or directory
overlayfs: unrecognized mount option "lowerdir=" or missing value
mount: mounting overlay on /mnt/overlay failed: invalid argument
/boot/initrd_4.1.13.gz: Switching to 'us' keyboard
/init: line 393: can't create /mnt/overlay/etc/rc.d/rc.keymap: nonexistent dir...
chmod: /mnt/overlay/etc/rc.d/rc.keymap: No such file...
ERROR: No /sbin/init found on rootdev...

MSI X99 KRAIT SLI i7-5620K 16GB GTX660 home built system
Booted into KDE via legacy USB mode. It took me a moment to guess the "password". I needed to edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf since our SlackDevs still think its amusing to leave "dhcp=dhcpcd" as the default instead of "dhcp=internal" (or dhclient). On the 5 boxes here "dhcp=dhcpcd" has never worked. After restarting rc.networkmanager I was functional for 1-2 minutes until X or KDE locked up hard. This happens on some of the systems here: NetworkManager dislikes a "restart" and prefers a "reboot". Workaround is to disable NetworkManager.

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Update: adding "rootdelay=10" to the boot options fixed the Asus error. The NetworkManager issues is still a bit tedious, but it does pick up the change to NetworkManager.conf when on wifi without having to restart rc.networkmanager.
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Edward Koenig

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Slackware-current Live (beta)
Dell Latitude e7440

Seems I've run into a bit if a snag on boot with the touchscreen. The kernel gets stuck in an infinite loop.....

Slackware64 14.1 stock does boot fine on this laptop. I'll check -current soonest.

Bug report: +Eric Hameleers
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 "rootdelay=10" fixed the Dell loop.  No need to update the BIOS.  In fact, I am posting this from within the live environment.  Thanks +Eric Hameleers 

# uname -a
Linux darkstar 4.1.13 #1 SMP Fri Nov 13 18:16:47 CST 2015 x86_64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4300U CPU @ 1.90GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

I get HTML5 video, but no sound.  Alsa shows devices, but speaker-test gives no device errors.
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Ryan McQuen

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Since the 'almost a beta' update I've been messing with ALSA a bit (to get sound working in Steam, interesting LQ thread here:

It inspired me to improve the way I configure ALSA on my personal machines in config-o-matic, and I came up with this script that detects the 'Analog' output card and sets it to the default (no matter what the card # is):

Hopefully someone else finds it useful!
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Interesting.  Bookmarked that thread for later. :)
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Firas Shahin

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Anybody knows a good intro to using pkgsrc with Slackware Linux? I have found a few online, but I was wondering if there were other resources.
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Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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Preview of MATE 1.12 GTK+3 for Slackware-Current
I have finished uploading binary packages for MATE 1.12 built against GTK+3 for Slackware-Current in the usual location , a repository provided by Darren Austin under testing/ directory. I wanted to give a preview of what's coming for MATE 1.12 in Slackware...
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Regarding your questions about lilo/slim, it's not my authority to answer that. You will have to go to Patrick himself. What i can do is related to MATE packaging for Slackware.

I have pulled all the latest gtk/glib changes in this batch and hopefully they are fully compatible, even though i notice one known issue about theme preview.
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Arturo Bianchi

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LOL! I suspect that the next stable version will be released before that Tesla delivers the hooverboard :-D
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double zerocool

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 [Solved] Hello,
I was running Slackware 14.1 stable on my desktop then decided to move to "-current" and after moved, I encountered a bug. When shutting down, it will only halt and then the machine freezes and I have to shut it down "manually" (by press the power button for > 5 sec.) but rebooting is fine.
With the  kernel 3.10.17 (shipped on the installation disk) it works. But with kernel 4.1.6 (shipped on -current branch), it does not work anymore and find same problem exist on other distributions also with kernel 4.x.x like (Fedora 22, KaOS .... etc) So I guess there's a problem with the Kernel.
Any ideas how to fix?

# shutdown -h now
Running shutdown script /etc/rc.d/rc.0:
Saving systems time to the hardware clock (UTC).
Stopping systems message bus...
Unmounting remote filesystems:
Stopping udevd
Sending all processes the SIGKILL signal.
acpid: exiting
Sending all processes the SIGKILL signal.
Saving random seed from /dev/urandom in /etc/random-seed.
Turing off swap.
Unmounting local file susyems:
/dev/shm has been successfully unmounted.
/home has been successfully unmounted.
/ has been successfully unmounted.
Remounting root filesystem read-only:
mount: /dev/sda1 mounted on /.
[ 2016.733526 ] reboot: Power down
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This problem seem to be ACPI (power management) related. So the relevant options should be in the section "Power" of the BIOS setup and by setting "Wake on LAN" from "Stay Off" to "Power On" seemed to solve the problem.
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Nicky Valentino

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Hello, i'm new in Slackware, i need your help, previously i used Ubuntu. Now i use Slackware 14.  I had probem on installing MySQL, PHPMyAdmin, and configure it. I follow tutorial in (, and i've been successfully logged in to mysql on konsole, but can not login to PHPMyAdmin, there are some errors said "Can't connect to mysql server". But the problem not stopped in there. I restart my computer and "bingo", i can't login to mysql through konsole and  PHPMyadmin. in konsole i saw error "ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2)". Advice me the way to install PhpMyAdmin and mysql in Slackware, .Note : i can't use MariaDB because my project use mysql as main database. thank's for your help and sorry for my bad english. 
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LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL/MariaDB + PHP. No matter how you install it.
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Bradley D. Thornton

Discussion  - 
Um... I was just wondering, for those who have tried out running Linux on their phones, which offerings do you prefer and have found the most useful?

I've noticed a newcomer with lofty goals called GNU Root (Linux w/o requiring root on Android), but it's just a proof of concept at this point. And I noticed that +Ryan McQuen​ gave Complete Linux a positive rating but left no actual review ( I'm totally interested in your thoughts in particular Ryan 😉 ).

I note that Linux Deploy claims Slackware support so I'm gonna try that out in a few, but what other methods / products are people enjoying and what are the strengths and weaknesses you've all observed with the current choices?
17 votes  -  votes visible to Public
Complete Linux
Linux Deploy
Other - oh, do tell :)
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Ryan McQuen

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Important bugfix release for slackpkg+ configuration. If you ran a previous version, run this first:


Then re-run the config-o-matic scripts. Alternately, you could edit your current slackpkgplus.conf to use underscores instead of hyphens.

Note that MIRRORPLUS repos in slackpkg+ must not have hyphens (-) in them! Use underscores instead (_).

P.S. config-o-matic can be run multiple times, and is largely idempotent.
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