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Out of curiosity I would like to know what uses the slackware community to manage slackbuilds. What is the most used method, sbopkg, sbotools, manual management (download everything you need from the site or something else?
Thank you!
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Greetings Slackers!

Just a quick note here...

I've removed the Slackware subscription link and replaced it with a link to donate DIRECTLY to Patrick.

More information can be found in the changelog for 27 July 2018, at LQ and in +Zhu Qunying's post here in the community a couple of days ago.

All this time we all thought Patrick was receiving monies from the Slackware store - WRONG! they were charging our credit cards and keeping the money (Fricken' crooks!).... According to Pat, he hasn't received any payment from them for a couple of years.

Please do consider donating anything, even five bucks, to Patrick for his continued support. If we pick up the Slack, we'll continue to have Slackware - yes, that was a pundit (and not a very good one, but please donate to Patrick and Slackware).

Kindest regards,

- tallship -


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Found some interesting news about the case Patrick Volkerding in an german article of Linux Magazine. Seems he has been defrauded by the Slackware shop sales operator.

Hi all! What do you expect for slackware 15?

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Dear experts:

I know that Slackware do not manage dependencies. However I want to reduce the installation to a minimum without eliminate my sbopkg. Is there any form to detect orphan libraries and unused applications?.


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Dear all: I had correctly changed /etc/profile.d/lang.csh; /etc/profile.d/ and /etc/profile and appear wrong characters (I had tested many fonts without success) in the console with sbopkg (out of graphic session). Where is it the problem? Thanks

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