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Dear YO! Beta Community - 

We are releasing a new YO! minor update today to fix more issues we have seen in our first week of production.

What's new in YO! version 1.0.2:
- Contact related functionality improved.
- Hyperlocal media sharing delivery status report improved.
- Performance improvements and general bug fixes.

If you have any feedback to share, please let us know!  Cheers!

Dear YO! Beta Community:

We are releasing a new update today - YO! version 1.0.1 - that fixes a lot of the bugs that have been reported to us since we launched last Saturday.  Thank you for your feedback, please keep them coming.  We need your support to take YO! to the next level.

What's new in YO! version 1.0.1:
- More performance improvements and general fixes 

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The first story covering YO! from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. #mwc15  

Dear YO! Beta Community:

Our sincere gratitude for all your feedback and suggestions you have given so far.  We are very excited to announce the beta release of YO! version 1.0 which will be launched to the world at MWC 2015 at Barcelona, Spain in just a few days time.

What's new in YO! version 1.0:
- Improved stability in hyperlocal mode
- New 'SCAN' button on hyperlocal contacts page for easier refresh of contacts
- More performance improvements and general fixes 

YO! version 1.0 beta will be available in a few hours.

But this is certainly not the end of the beta community, but rather just the beginning.  We have an exciting journey ahead of us and we have already begun work on the next evolution of YO! which will include group messaging, an improved and much more lightweight UI, and some other cool features that will enable you to share and communicate easily without the internet.

Stay tuned - and as always, we appreciate your feedback! 


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Very excited to be featured in SD Asia!  This article gives an overview of the origins of YO!.

YO! Beta Community:

We've just published a new version of YO! to the Google Play Store (v. 0.3.2) and you should be getting this update shortly!

We have received a lot of good feedback from you on how to make YO! better - thank you! We hope you will find this version to be a much better and improved version.

Share YO! with your friends and family and start sharing and communicating - fast and free!

What's included YO! beta version 0.3.2:

- Performance improvements and general fixes
- Hyperlocal contacts display (contacts nearby in the same WiFi) has been greatly improved
- Chinese language support

We'd love to hear your feedback! 
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