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Bonjour tout le monde!

Haven’t found any better picture, this is me on the left (blue jacket) with my buddy.

I’m from Tajikistan, for the ones who don’t know where is it, it is one of the former countries of USSR and it is located in central Asia bordered with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China. I spent my childhood in Minsk and lived many years abroad (Malaysia, London, Dubai and France). I really enjoy politics and like to do sport.

In terms of activities, I am involved in our business family, but I don’t spend much time for it during the school year. Moreover, I am interested in attending business conferences.

The unique feature of my experience is to learn different cultures including business cultures and the languages.

For my career goals and my life goals I can say that after graduating my bachelors and applying for my masters everything will be more clear, because if I join university of diplomacy under united nations in Geneva. I will be working on this directions, as I stated before that I am enjoying politics, but If I continue studying business and economics for my masters, I would continue working in my family business.

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Bonsoir! As I'm writing this in the evening.

The very professional picture I posted here was taken in in my lovely city, Gênes in French (near nice for the ignorant in geography ahah), Genoa in English and Genova in Italian. It was shot this summer during a session of the European Youth Parliament, really enjoyable experience.

My principal interest is TRAVEL by far, I love road tripping especially. In that way, I’ve been around Europe many times and the States. Particularly I appreciate long hikes while spending time in the nature with good friends and good food.

I like living the life at its full potentiality so I enjoy doing as many things I can do and travelling probably fulfil me the most.

I am open-minded and extremely curios to meet new and interesting people, especially if they come from different backgrounds.

The main activity I’m involved in is studying (sadly) because I need a decent degree for my final year. In my free time, I travel (mainly London when I’m here in Oxford).
My work experience is not very vast; I worked in operation of a tug boat company in Mata and at Deloitte, a famous accounting firm, which I enjoyed very much.

Career goal: well I would love to start my career in finance (possibly in the big four professional services networks) then attending an MBA and eventually ending up in some small firms such as a private equity or other boutique businesses (maybe business sector that Italy is leading such as food and beverage, fashion or automotive).

Hope to see you soon and find you well,

Bonne soirée!

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I'm in the basement of the JHB about to have a 1-2-1 session for help with studying. I went to boarding school, I enjoy reading books, listening to music and travelling to new places and meeting new people.
I live near Winchester which used to be the capital of England and the seat of King Arthur, I've never moved house.
I joined the Oxford Union because Stephen Hawking is going to give a talk this month - science being another area I enjoy.

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hello everyone,
So here is a picture of me a couple of weeks ago during a track day, i'm not as fast as ROSSI but i'm trying to.

I like to do a couple of things in life, mainly extreme sports but also traveling. If I can join the two together it's even better.

In terms of activities, I recently created an association which allows me to spend my weekend on paperwork and finding sponsorships which is really time consuming.
An other activity that I do is really recent ( started today ), I just started trading and I hope that I will do well.

In terms of business goals, I don't really have a precise one but I would like to create my own company as soon as possible.
(left on the picture)


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This is a picture of me in oxford city center just after getting my haircut and dealing to get the best possible exchange rate for some euros I had.
Some information about me is that I am Colombian, I left home when I was 16 to go to America to learn English for a year and then I moved to England to get my business degree.
One of my favorite activities is going to gym or do any other physical activity as a daily routine in the morning I have being doing it since I was 16 as I think if gives me discipline. Also I love reading books that are business related when I have the time to read them. Also I consider myself to be a Cinephile as its one of the activities that I spend lot of my time every week excluding academic semesters.
In terms of work experience is very limited, but instead I have spent time with my father meetings from the company (in the healthcare sector) and with clients in order to learn and analyze how business are carried out from the top level management.
Well my career goals is to get in charge and carry on my family business and venture in other industries beside the healthcare sector such as construction and in the high tech sector

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Alright I am in John Henry Brookes Building (or JHB as Oxford Brookes students call it) silence area where I work every time i come here behind me is section for dictionaries in different languages which come handy sometimes as my first language is Persian.

very briefly about me I have to say that I have lived in France for first 4 years of my life but i'm not speaking the language unfortunately, Then I lived in Tehran for almost 16 years and then moved to oxford till now.

I start working in a port in south of Iran when I was 17 as a logistic supervisor where I had to take care of cargo and timing of trucks for loading and unloading the ships, one of the interesting things to work there is weather which is not something for everyone as it can reach 50 degree in summer but still something that I enjoyed experiencing, since then I have worked as an Adviser and business developer for couple of companies in Iran which I absolutely enjoyed.

In terms of activities I am part of Brookes Taekwondo team as I have been doing Taekwondo for 14 years now and its something that I enjoy a lot doing as well as paragliding which I obtain licence last summer.

Talking about Career goal I have to say I see myself as a serial entrepreneur and consultant ( which I guess now make sense why I toke this module).


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This is me in my home office, buried (in reverse) away up in an attic. If I look out the window, the River Thames is only 50 metres away. If it's been raining heavily, it's about ten metres away!

You can see a few books behind me, but even more music (old-style). I also follow theatre a little. Apart from pretending to keep fit, I attend acting workshops some weeks, and learn French (badly) every Monday night - I speak it even worse.

My career has been in a mixture of accountancy, financial investigations, consultancy, and business schools, very often working quite internationally (which I enjoy ... a lot). I have probably reached the point where my goals are just to keep doing interesting work and meeting good people.

When asked about something unique, I usually mention my time in Texas, where a bullet passed nearby on my first night living there. It wasn't aimed for me (they had not known me long enough by that point), but it kind of made me realise I wasn't in Oxford anymore.

I am married (my wife works for clients mostly in Brussels, but does 90% of it virtually from her downstairs home office).

I also have a 20 year old son, currently studying at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland, whilst studying Engineering Maths at Bristol University.

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