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TheBrain for Android now supports TheBrain 9. Featured improvements include:

• Offline access and editing with full sync abilities
• Better visualization and animation
• An updated user interface
• Increased performance and responsiveness throughout

If haven't migrated to TheBrain 9 for Windows and macOS, you'll need to do so in order to take advantage of the new features in the Android app. From the startup screen, select the menu icon in the top right corner and choose "Version 9" before you login. To download TheBrain 9 for Windows and macOS, go to:

A more detailed set of instructions for joining the Beta is available here:

I have been trying to get the beta version. But I never seem to receive the update can someone please help.

Biggest issue seems to be the sync between Android and PC. I made several PC changes hours ago and my Android app doesn't have them. Even if I manually sync my PC to cloud and restart my Android app...the changes aren't there.

i can´t log in from android

My issue may have been ask before but haven't found it on the forum so will raise it now. I have noticed the link from a thought to a note or an imported document something disappears. The documents don't thay are just not visible within the Brain. I've done a data integrity scan which says all is cool. Is there a way to relink these notes and documents?

Several days ago I built a thought some children, two of which have Office 2016 Word (.docx) attachments. At the time I was just in the "build" mode, so didn't do much more than drag and drop items. I went back today to do some refinement and when the "Preview" button is clicked for either, an error dialog is displayed "TheBrain was unable to initialize a preview for this file."

When the file is launched the Word application is launched and the document generates just fine.

I'm wondering whether the Android version will support reminders in the future? I could live just out of The Brain 9 if I could set up tasks as thoughts using all the functionality.

Of course, I'm not always on my laptop so having reminders appear on my phone would be invaluable for so many things.

Some sort of ability to link to Google Keep would be great too

Alan W

can't login and I'm sure the usrname and passwd are correct.

I've been using the Beta 9 on desktop, Galaxy S7, and Samsung Tab E (8 inch) for about a week. Generally satisfied. Obviously works much better on desktop. I have experienced some quirks on sync. On the S7 when in a specific Brain clicking on the sync symbol will sometimes report nothing to sync even though changes have just been made. Clicking a second time will often result in a sync process being initiated.

When in the Home view, I haven't been able to determine if circle symbol to the right side of the top row of three symbols accomplishes any useful action. I thought I read that also initiated a sync process, but have been unable to confirm.

Will someone help me find where to access v9 for android beta for my smart phone?
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