Is there any kittens on here who would like to be pals????

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Hello old members and welcome all new members!
There may not seem like much goes on here but I promise that will change. Now I have the time and resources to make this, hopefully, a very interesting and fun group. So please introduce yourselves, ask questions, stretch out your claws, curl up by the fireplace and get comfortable!

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Alright Guys so I have been posting a lot more on my blog if you are all interested and feel free to comment and ask questions on it!!

Hey GuysI just want to  say THANK YOU! to all who have asked to be a part of this group!! I know it has not really been active but now that there are members....(alot more than I thought there would be) I am going to do my best to try and make this an active page with lots of info and fun times all around!!!

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I wanna play.......
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I have made this community for the same reason I made my Blog

 I have a blog for those who are into Kitten play  sadly there are not many blogs or websites on kitten play and it makes me feel pretty bad so I decided to change that. Feel free to add me as a friend and please check out my blog~!
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