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You find yourself looking out over a bay, blue-green crystal clear water stretching out as far as your vision can go. At the edge of the horizon, the beatiful sun dipped into the water, and a zephyr blew in to your fur. Suddenly, you hear soft paw steps in the white sand behind you. You turn around, and see a sleek tortoiseshell cat with a long, fluffy tail behind you. Her amber eyes are slits as she looks at you up and down. "What are you doing here, on SeaClan territory?" She questioned, an edge to her clear, sharp voice. As you try to find an answer, her eyes soften. "Hmm. Maybe you didn't know. Well, this beach you stand on is SeaClan's." She nodded to a dip in the sand many fox lengths away. "There is the camp." She then turned around, looking out at the tropical forest at the edge of the beach. "Over there is FernClan. We... we currently are not friends with that clan." Her meow full of malice, she continued speaking. "Not too long ago, a horrid dictator took over that Clan. His name is Sharkstar." She shook her head before turning back to look at you. "Oh wow, how rude of me. I haven't even told you my name. I am Jellyfishstep. I know, it's a mouthful." She chuckled softly. "I'm the medicine cat of SeaClan." She lifted her chin, before looking around. "Did you come from Twolegplace? The place full of Twolegs?" On top of a large hill far away, brick buildings stood tall. "We call that hill Red Hill. That's where Sharkstar had killed the previous FernClan leader, Morningstar." The calico shuddered. "Well, nice seeing you, but I must get back to camp. Farewell. I hope to see you again sometime." With that, Jellyfishstep spun around and walked back to her camp.


Welcome to the Warriors Roleplay! Please fill out the form in the comments.

_Leader, deputy, medicine cat, and medicine cat apprenticeship tryouts will be held when we hit 20 members!_

StarClan/ Dark Forest cats are only allowed to be roleplayed by moderators

You heard grass rustling as Softpaw gleefully hopped back to camp near the Fernclan border, carrying two plump, pale brown mice in his jaws. He didn't notice any scent over the mouth watering scent, you stalked up behind him, making no sound.......

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Cherry tail


Moons: 29


Appearance: ( the picture without the collar ok))

Rank: warrior


Father: died

Mother : was a rouge

Kits: none

Mate: nope but available


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24 moons



Feather clan


Appearance description:

Bio (optional) :

Family (optional) :
mate- none (open)
Kits- none (open)
Siblings- none


(+Zira The Shiny Eevee the warrior I said I'd make.)

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Name(s): Lynxpelt
Moons old: 53
Gender: Tom
Clan: Featerclan
Rank: Deputy

Appearance: ((picture))

Mother: ((n\a))
Father: ((n/a))
Mate: available
Kits: 2 ((not mated with the mother who is a kitty pet))

Sexuality: Mostly Straight
Personality: A silent strong type always wise and aiding his leader when necessary. He admires teamwork but has a slight problem with thirst for war. Wishing to be like Sharkstar. He has double life and no one knows...

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Name(s): Leon
Moons old: 26
Gender: Tom
Rank: Kitty pet ((lives outside of Sketch clan))

Appearance: picture

Mother: Jinky
Father: Lynxpelt
Mate: available
Kits: 0

Extra: He was raised being a half blood with few visits from his father. He wishes for a better life and to meet a mate that isnt sissified. He hopes to find his father and wants to prove that half blood kitty pets are worth it. Gets flustered easy but gains confidence when needed.
Sexuality: Mostly Straight
Personality: Hes charming, resourceful, and brave
One of the most handsome toms around and a hopeless romantic 

Name: Larkflight
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Age: 19 moons
Clan: Featherclan
Rank: Warrior
Apprentice: No apprentice
Mate: None(open)
Appearance: Mainly white tortoiseshell with amber eyes

If you are in sketchclan, plz put it down below 

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If you want your Clan spot changed, please notify me in the comments.
+K13R573N 3LL1NG50N​​ +Zira The Shiny Eevee​

Are we allowing Cannon Cat names?
(Names that are in the Warriors Series)
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