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Warcraft Movie - Teaser 1080P HD

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#Azeroth Is a world full of violence.There is blood and mutilated bodies everywhere.

Who dares to say this #PEGI +12 game is suitable for children?

Bored with WoW.
Found I'm playing more Diablo3 these days.

I'm not raiding due to work commitments now and I find I'm getting bored in WoW.

How is this possible with so much to do in this new expansion?
Well, lets see.  I don't like PvP. I don't do pet battles.
I log in, collect my garrison resources, look at me completed missions then go to the War Mill and collect the work orders.
Back to the hall and upgrade followers.
Send the followers out on their new missions.
Off to the Engineering works to collect gearspring parts and set the new work orders.
Likewise for the leatherworks and Barn.
What's the Apexis mission today? If it's not Skettis (What a royal pain in the arse that is) go and do that.

And that's about it. Am I missing something?
I'm also feeling somewhat disconnected from the game as a whole.
At least in Pandaria even with the dailies, there was a complex story there. The story in WoD is: Iron Horde Bad. There's not much complexity there.

nice, do you guys even check this thing lolz i only applied a month ago to it

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Do I have been really enjoying the new content, but I did notice something strange.

When leveling my first character I did not receive a quest based on my profession that rewarded blueprints, but when I leveled my third toon I got a quest based on both my professions, with blueprints for both of the buildings for my Garrison. 

For my second toon, I only received for one of my professions. 

Did this happen to anyone else?

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So, how is everyone doing? servers are full; queue time is about bouncing between 30min and 120min (and increasing)... erm
that doesn't sound right...

at least on the EU side it's rubbish. how's the rest of the world?

How are your server queues tonight? :)

2000 when I tried.

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What is your favorite faction? #worldofwarcraft   #horde   #alliance  
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Progress on Thok, 25-man Heroic.

A couple of pulls yesterday after Spoils, made it clear that this is a more technical fight than spoils.

On normal or flex, you basically stack up on one side of Thok, dps your heart out while the healers try and keep at least 15 of you over 50% health for as long as possible.  Then he fixates on someone and chases them for a while. 

In Heroic we split the riad into two sections or 12 and 13 people each. This lets us get the stacks on Thok as high as 25 before transitioning into the kite phase.  After the first kite phase when he eats the NPC we free from the cage, he heals, so Mortal Strikes (Warrior) and Widow Venom (hunter) are quite useful here.

Also there are adds, bats, that arrive during this phase and they need to be AOEd down as fast as possible.

Our best effort today was around 25% and we're getting to the 2nd cage pretty much every time.

Just need to up the DPS a bit, get the frigging bats down faster and of course, avoid the yeti.

Oh, didn't I mention? The Yeti that charges around the room when you first enter makes a return appearance and you have to avoid getting run over by him while doing everything else.
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