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I created a supplement to Pocket Fantasy RPG that let's you continue with your characters without breaking the original game. Its kind of an interesting beast from a game design point of view. PF is like a d20 D&D type game simplified. To make Pocket Fantasy RPG Campaigns I deconstructed the d20 like classes and turned them into skills like a d100 Runequest kind of game. It works though. There are two files. One is the Campaign system alone. The other is all the rules in one deluxe document. Let me know what you think.

5 star Review up over at OBS sites!

A Campaign in an Envelope.

Not only is this a great super simple instant play RPG its also a great base for a creative game master to add to and make their own. The rules are such a quick study that I created three new character classes the day I bought it. I used my new Peasant Hero class as a NPC reinforcement when I realized that my players two characters couldn’t take the boss without help. It worked perfectly. I also think that if you treat the character classes as starting archetypes and allow flexible cross training you can let characters gain experience and individuality over several games without overpowering them. In that regard Pocket Fantasy is potentially a more balanced and flexible game than D&D. To fit my style I did a couple hours of light-hearted campaign design before I played. I found a couple maps online labeled them and wrote a paragraph of background. It helped the adventure feel more grounded. I also grabbed a few dungeon, cavern, village & castle plans so I had a supplement to the random dungeon tables in the rules. I keep the game, my supplements, a few dice and pencils in an envelope in my daily carry bag. I can now play a fun little RPG session as casually as whipping out a deck of cards. Highly recommended.

Handed out many copies of Pocket Fantasy RPG today at my local FLGS and it has been downloaded, as of right now, 218 times this month. Good stuff! 

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72 Unique Magic Item cards have been added to the Zip File on Drivethrurpg and Rpgnow. There are also some basic magical weapon and armor cards as well as some healing potion cards. Enjoy! 

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Pocket Fantasy RPG hit 1000 downloads. Thanks to all that spread the word. I never even thought about it coming anywhere close to that number. 

I'm working on 63 magic items cards (weapons, equipment , jewelry, potions, wands & staffs) each named and with a unique power, with art, for pocket fantasy. I will also add the same items with blank text and no name so their power can be made up by the pocket master. The backs will all say "Magic Item" in case they are pulled randomly.

Pocket Fantasy is about 40 downloads away from 1000 on drivethrurpg and rpgnow.

I will be running Pocket Fantasy RPG at Gen Con this year. Dates and slots to come. 

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Pocket Fantasy RPG has been updated with 9 additional location cards for your adventuring inspiration. From a dilapidated town of secrets to a city of bones and more, these new locations should do a fine job helping you come up with a fun night of hacking and slashing!

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