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Marvin Piqué here, son, brother, partner, father, multidisciplinary artist living my dream life in NY, and creating more freedom for others and myself. Passionate about the creative process of things and life.

I am on a mission to help at least 10.000 people in 2 - 5 years achieve their goals, dreams, start following a passion again, you name it I want to help you achieve it.

I am the host of Vision & Mindset Power Up!  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting 12:00pm EST - 12:30pm EST.
30 minutes of inspiration, motivation, recognition, sharing, caring and anything else that helps you achieve your goals and dreams.

December 20th the show will be live and 2 guests can tell their story and the big question is... What are you living for?

To the moderator or any member in this community let me know if you want to tell your story. 

Go to the link below to join and say you'll go.

I will send you the link to hangout in a message.

12pm Est click on this link and refresh the page to see the hangout live.

Peace, love, light and a long life,

Marvin Piqué

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