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Name: "My name is Jian Sudina, love."
Alias: "My friends call me Jinx."
Gender: "I'm a girl...AND DON'T CHECK DOWN THERE!!!"
Age: "I'm about 17."
Year: "Senior year bitches."
Species: "Huh. I guess I'm a Human Ghost hybrid... I don't know...My mom was a ghost and my dad was human, somehow they...made me. It was some sort of magic."
Birthday: "Just in case you want to get me a present, it's March 13."
Place Of Origin: "I came back from Voltage City."
Blood Type: "O..."
Height: "4' 3"...Don't judge me...I know I'm short..."
Weight: "Heh. No."
Sexual Orientation: "I like boys...but a girl here and there is OK too..."
Romantic Relationship Status: "I'm open. Why do you ask?"
Languages: "I can only speak English..."
Likes: "I love being in my room, reading books and sketching plans. Also, I love it when I beat Zero in something."
Dislikes: "I hate it when people get too nosey. I ain't afraid to punch someone. I also hate water. HATE IT!!!"
Voice: Tracer: Overwatch


"Well, every once and awhile, I'm a happy little dumpling, as most call me. But, most of the time I just want to keep to myself. It's really hard to find someone like me, so I keep most of my thoughts private. And...I get a little sassy one and awhile."

"Well, I came into this world like a lot of you. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much...well you know. Anyway, when I was born, I wasn't like your average baby. Me being half human, half ghost, some controversy started. Let's just say, Death didn't know what to do. I was sent off to live with a man. He raised me in his home. He saw potential in me. He trained be in the way a spy would be. I thought it was all for self defense, until I was recruited into an Agency. I was 15 when I got partnered up with Zero. From that point on we were best friends, but enemies at the same time. When the agency found out I had no schooling, I was sent to this hell hole. Yeah. I'm too bored to tell you EVERYTHING, but this is my life in a nutshell."

Current Status: "Well, spilling all of my info to you."

Family: "I never meet my parents..."
Master(s): "I don't have any."
Apprentice(s): "Too much work."
Rival(s): "Zero is my partner, but we still go back and forth at each other."
Allies: "Like I said, me and Zero are partners."
Enemies: "No one wants to be my enemy."

Transformations/Power Ups: "I can go into full ghost mode,'s not worth it..."

Weaknesses: "I tend to get a little weird around bright lights. Daylight is OK, but REALLY bright lights get me. Also, I'm not the best swimmer."

Techniques/Abilities: "Well, being part ghost, I can phase through some objects, but it can be very tiring."

Tools/Weapons: "I carry around my twin blade scythe​. Just in case something gets messy. But I mainly use my Samurai Sword. And, when boys get too close, I have a small dagger."
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Personality:Nice, Annoying, Gullible, Prefers not fighting
What They Look Like:Wyatt has black hair and wears a mostly zipped up orange jacket with a green shirt
Bio:Not much is known about Wyatt besides that he is Gabriel's younger brother and can go Super Saiyan But only Ssj1 he seems to prefer not fighting unless he has to

Personality:Hotheaded, Likes fighting, Annoying
What They Look Like: Gabriel looks kind of like Gohan, he has black spiky hair and wears a red shirt with a blue jacket
Bio:Not really much is known about Gabriel besides the fact that he is a saiyan, he trains with Piccolo and he can go Super Saiyan 1 and 2 Although what saiyan can't go Super Saiyan by now
Extra info:Gabriel is about as strong as Teen Gohan
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