If there are still people here, kindly tell us what 'hack tool' you were using to hack MSD (can't recall what was it. . .)

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How is this community going?
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Nothing much...
Nobody cares anymore...
I'm still here.
Add in the comment

Guyz, do you still play MSD???

People, we really lack people in this group, if possible, can you recruit other people in this group?

Anyone here on steam? Because that's the only way I can play.

To Siska S: Hi, welcome to the Wannabe Rebels! How did find out about this community?

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MSD Co-op - Marco deck on hell mode: http://youtu.be/IKHH7tv_DJs

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Hi! How do you know about the Wannabe Rebels?

Post your decks on my Hangout Message, because I'm the host.. It's hard jumping from one community to another. Thank you. I won't entertain deck posts here. I need to evaluate decks first and check them. And please, not videos. Just a list of screenshot.

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My deck for the tournament
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