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It makes me sad that I have to make this post, but due to previous community experiences, not having a rule post always descends into chaos. Don't worry, they're not complicated!

1. No explicit content. That means anything 18+ rated (Porn, extreme gore etc)
2. Try to keep language at a moderate level - by this I mean, don't be swearing every two sentences
3. Shipping is okey! The only time a ship post will ever get removed is if there is a drastic dislike of it from multiple group members
4. Posting fanart is fine - though I ask that you credit artists where possible (art is cool, but people put time and effort into it, so do them a favour and give them some credit
5. Any bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. Period

That's everything for now ^^

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I decided to put my OC's in the position of "A Winter's Ball."

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Hamilton art dump 
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Oh shoot Lin is in How I Met Your Mother in an episode all about rhyming.
The episode is 'Bedtime Stories'

Mods of this community, please comment below.
Rolecall lmao

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I drew Hammy a few days ago.

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I made a thing. 

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I finished it (and I'm so proud of it)

i know some people may not like this but....does anyone know where i can watch a bootleg of hamilton? 
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