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Hi Everyone,

Can someone advise me please. I am trying to extract data from JSON with client application in codename one but I keep getting "null". I can print the entire JSON at system.out.println successfully. Attached is a screen shot of what I did,

Thank you in advance,

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hi! I am trying to view an external website into a web browser component. It works in emulator but when I build to Android it seem there is lack of internet permission. Can anyone help me where I wrong? 

        Form form = new Form();
        form.setLayout(new BorderLayout());
        WebBrowser wb = new WebBrowser();
        Container container = new Container();
        form.addComponent(BorderLayout.CENTER, container);;

Hello everyone, I got a surprise requirement today to develop an app exclusively for windows phone, so I kinda recalled that the development tools from microsoft were free, but I see that development for windows phone 8 is only possible using windows pro 8 which is a pain in the ass, without mentioning the extra cost of purchasing it, so my question would be, what versions of winpho does codename one support? Thanks

Hello guys, me again, I finally installed the kitchen sink app in my android and it does seem to work pretty close to a native app, however after a few runs whenever I attempted to start the app it just showed a black screen with  a title bar on top with the app name, then I cleared the app data in the settings menu and it was working fine again, my question would be is this something that happens often, or could it be some issue with the way the demo was coded? I like the framework a lot and I would like to recommend it for my company for a couple of projects but if that's an issue with the framework itself instead of a coding "error", then it might be a deal-breaker for my company. Thanks a lot :-)

Hello everyone, I see the framework and access to the build server seems to be free of charge, can I send builds for free? I am asking because I tried sending an android build of the kitchen sink demo in netbeans but it only shows a build successful message, I see no link or email to the apk build, could you please tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Thanks

Hello everyone, I want to develop a cross-platform app and codename one seems to be very neat, but has anyone here developed a real life app (perhaps with communication with a server)? Could you share your experience? For what I have read apps developed with codename one have close-to-native performance in both iOS and Android, but some people have told me that cross-platform sdk's are not good and have poor performance or a real pain to work with. Any response will be appreciated. Thanks.
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