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Name: Yuuki Miller
Age: 15
Rank: Head House maid.
Crush: NO clue
Personality: Hyper, curious, cute, happy, nice, sweet.but can be harsh, or cold, or even rude if you are mean to her. To the family that owns this mansion she is very loyal and calm.
Description: Caramel hair, sky blue eyes, short, thin, VERY attractive. Many of the men want to marry her.
Bio: Grew up in a small poor family. Her mother used to be a maid at BlackWood. Since the family needed money they sent her. 

Yuuki is making one of the Children of the BlackWood Family's bed. As soon as she finishes the person that the room belongs too walks in. The person then....((Open to one of the sons of the BlackWood Family. You are also the person that walks in. Also this is a romance rp.))

i walk out of my room, still a bit half asleep. I yawn and start to head outside to work (open)

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Finally getting around to this))

Name- Lucy Wrinward
Age- 16
Gender- Female
Personality- quiet, obedient, hard working, short tempered, not easily distracted.
Looks- picture, wears hair in a bun
Biography- She and her sister lived with their grandmother for as long as she remembered. When her grandmother got terribly ill and stopped working, Lucy found a job at the manor. Her sister stayed to take care of their grandmother
Crush- nah
Family- Ellen Wrinward (grandmother), Olivia Wrinward
Job- gardener and animal caretaker

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Name . Tanlia Becks
Age 16
Gender Female
Rank Artist
Lover/Crush Nobody ((open))
Personality Quiet, bookworm, caring and loyal when she accepts you but can be cold and hard when you haven't earned her trust yet
Description Long blonde hair that is very light with bright blue eyes with some brown specks. She has a light hourglass frame and doesn't wear makeup besides eyeliner.
Bio She grew up in a poor family as the eldest of five. She was treated fairly just needed some money and a use of her artistic talent. She came to Blackwood for her job and to hopefully leave a life threatening secret behind her.

in the library reading

it's the middle of the night and I walk through the gardens, looking at the flowers, telling myself what I'll work on tomorrow as I walk to the center and sit down with a small sigh looking up at the sky enjoying the cool breeze (Open)

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Name// James Armstead

Age// 20 years old
Gender// Male
Looks// ((In picture :3))
Personality// Calm, reserved, well kept, though is kind, caring, gentle, friendly and talkative. On top of all of that he is very respectful.
Back Ground Story//
 James was born in Arkford, a tiny village not to far from where the Blackwoods live. Then after awhile the whole family moved off to the town where the very well known Blackwoods were. His parents became abusive and being the youngest out of the family, he couldn't just run off like his older siblings did.
At the age of 15 he got a job at the manor to get money in order to run away from his parents. At the age of 18 he then moved out of his parents house . Along with that he got to the promotion of Head of Housekeeping after his hard work and dedication to the Blackwood family.
Since those two years he has became more happy, but didn't become carefree. James took his job seriously, though he wasn't strict. Now he is just looking for friendships and love within the manor
Wife-Girlfriend// None
Crush// Amylase
~Helen Armstead (Mother)
~Richard Armstead (Father)
~Peggy Hill (Sister, married off)
~Richard Jr. Armstead (Brother, married off)
~Mary White (Sister, married off)
Friends// most maids, the Blackwoods, pretty much everyone at the Blackwood manor
Job// Head of Housekeeping

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Amylase yawns loudly and jumps out of bed. She passes by her bickering young brothers and begins to cook breakfast. Amylase sets down the plates on the table and places food down the plates. She grabs a sweater and walks out the door calling out, I'm going out to the Blackwoods' house, be back later! She shuts the door, as she walks, Amylase bumps into someone by accident.

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