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Helping Hands International (H2i) is a human capacity development organisation born out of the passion to touch lives & empower people globally...

Helping Hands offer humanitarian services that empowers both her members and non-members

It is an empowerment scheme that has multi-dimensional targets. But some of the core areas of targets and empowerments scheme are:

1. Help to the less privileged (Orphans, Widows and Handicapped)

2. H2i gives free interest support fund to partners in order to enhance their businesses

3.Gives free skill acquisition and intensive business training to partners and employ partners who are professional in any skill for salary

4.Gives scholarship award and funds to partners in order to ensure quality education for partners children

5.H2i supports her partners with assets and property acquisition services

6. Offers wonderful co-operative club for any interested partners

Breaking that down, the three core projects of Helping Hands are:

1.Humanitarian services (Help to the needy, widows, orphans and handicapped)

2.Human Capacity Development for sustainable wealth creation (Free skill acquisition services to members)

3.Passive and Residual income for proper financial empowerment of its members.

This scheme is an empowerment scheme. Because it was born out of passion to get rid of poverty and financial hardship among our partners and to touch the lives of the less privileged and not to extort money from the weak and give to the strong.

Help Partners are empowered to touch lives of the poor and strengthened the weak.

To become a Partner, a one-time payment is required!

However, this partnership comes with good income stream & untold benefits that is better experienced than imagined.
With your donation of either:

N6,600 - 1 account

N13,200 - 2 accts

19,800 - 3 accts

46,200 - 7 accounts

N99,000 - 15 accounts

You become a Help Partner with the organization. Irrespective of the donation plan you choose, your money serves as

‪#‎Partnership‬ fee
‪#‎Registration‬ fee
‪#‎Donation‬ to CHARITY

Now, there are 2 types of Donation in H2i :

1. The Freewill Donation ( typical of that which we offer in our different churches & mosques for the less privileged)

2. The business compensation plan donation which I guess, its why most of us are here today!

In the Freewill Donation, we donate and walk away....and God blesses us for helping the needy!

In the Business Compensation Plan Donation, we donate, get God's blessing, we refer and reap the benefits!

So basically... what we do in the business plan donation is REFERALS!

We refer our families and families to partner with H2i... and the organisation empowers us
Helping Hands International has Corporate Partners who believes strongly in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For its Corporate Partners, H2i has GLO, Diamond Bank, Hyundai Motors, Apple Inc., HP Company, GAC Motors etc.

Helping Hands International was founded in 2010 in the Philippines, but came into Nigeria, December 3rd 2013 and was officially launched in Nigeria on May 30th, 2014

Like I said earlier, in the business compensation plan, you simply donate to get registered.

Make your donations and lets get down to business...

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