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How to create an effective education marketing strategy - Part 1

Top considerations for SMEs of the logistics of working on a school site

1. Certain jobs are required during school holidays when staff and students are not on site. Find out term dates well in advance and ensure you have these dates set aside for work with schools.
2. School sites often have multiple entrances. Ensure you know the entrance and car park you need to use.
3. You may need to avoid the busiest times of day for delivering to schools, i.e. start and end of school day when car parks and roads are congested, lunch times and break times to avoid large numbers of students in corridors.
4. Company staff may need to be CRB checked and produce a current CRB certificate. This is most often required if your staff work near or with students. Where staff are accompanied this may not be necessary but always check with the school in advance.
5. Comply with the school’s safeguarding and child protection policy and procedures at all times. Ensure your company is aware of legislation in advance.
6. Ensure you have valid photographic ID on your person at all times as well as your CRB certificate if needed. Many schools will also require you to wear a visitors badge most often collected at reception.
7. Staff in schools usually work to a bell and therefore your punctuality is more noticeable. Ensure staff are timely.
8. Take maximum care with equipment at all times, particularly if left on site, ensuring it is safely secured.
9. Ask for a copy of the school’s Health and Safety guidance. Company staff will need to operate within your company’s and the school’s Health and Safety guidance at all times.

Check list of top 10 questions School Business Managers are asking themselves before spending in 2013?

1. How is a company engaging with you as a potential customer?
2. How is a company showing their expertise in their industry?
3. Are you getting best value for money through discounts, deals or offers?
4. Does a company come recommended by other schools in your area?
5. What accreditations does your company have within their industry and education?
6. Have you read testimonials about a company from other SBMs?
7. Does a company know the logistics of working with schools?
8. Is a company displaying the Incensu Registration mark showing they’re trusted by schools?
9. Are company staff CRB checked where appropriate?
10. Have you seen photographs of previous work in schools?
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