i want to participate in this year's gsoc ,i'm just a beginner and i'm interested in java and python but i'm really not able to decide which project to follow .please help me out

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Hello from +O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)! I just got word from Google that over 100 orgs have not yet informed them about whether or not they will participate in the 10-year #GSoC reunion event in October.

If this is you (or your org) please contact them TODAY and let them know! If you're a mentor or student this year not sure if your org has done so, ask your org admin TODAY. :-)

If they don't act soon (the next week or so), those orgs will lose their spaces. Please help spread the word!

Is this the place to organise GSoC on a Plane? ;)

We created this unofficial Google+ community for people interested in Google Summer of Code to talk about GSoC with other participants & fans. Whether you're a GSoC veteran (student and/or mentor) or just learning about the program, join us and share your experiences!
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