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Every one was enthusiastic. Setu-Bandhan was going in full swing. Vaanaras were bringing huge boulders, writing Divya Shri Raama Naamam on them. Nala-Neela were throwing them into the ocean. Due to the glory Shri Raama Naama, the stones floated.
Everyone showed their Bhakti towards Shri Raama, the Purushottam. Even though they knew that their small effort doesn’t matter for accomplishing the impossible task of Setu-bandhanam and that it is the power of Shri Raama only helping them, they put in the effort and were doing whatever they could. Everyone was doing Parishrama according to their capability. Parama Bhakta Hanuman was bringing huge Parvatams and throwing into the ocean. The tiny squirrel was rolling in water, then rolling on the sands and then rolling in water so that the sands stuck to its body go into the water. Seeing the Parishrama and Bhakti of the squirrel, Paramaatma took it in His hands, caressed the squirrel’s back and blessed it.

In this, once Hanuman reached the great Indraprastham in search of hillocks to throw into the ocean and build the Setu (bridge). There He saw a hillock by name Govardhana. Seeing Hanumaan, Govardhana was very happy. He thought that now is when his body is being of some use. He invited Hanumaan to carry him so that he can be of some help to Paramatma Shri Raama. Bhakta Hanuman also was very happy to see the Bhakti of Govardhana.
But some messengers from Shri Raama came and informed Hanumaan that Setu-bandhanam is over and He can return to the ocean. Listening to this news there was no end to the sorrow of Govardhana. He thought due to some sin he did in his previous birth, he now is not able to serve Shri Raama. Seeing the sorrow of Govardhana, Hanuman went to Shri Rama and told about Govardhana.
Shri Rama had great happiness seeing the Bhakti of Govardhana. He gave a boon to Govardhana that he will do Uddharana of Govardhana in Dvaapara-Yuga when He is Shri Krishna.

For 7 days, Shri Krishna lifts Govardhana Parvatam and saves lives of the Gopaalas. Govardhana then had great bliss for being of some use to the Paramaatma Shri Krishna.

Morals in the Story:
1. We must always put in efforts, hard-work for doing a good deed, whether or not it is possible or impossible for us. God will be happy with the hard-work we put in and bless us immaterial of the result. Though it was not capable of doing much, the squirrel did whatever it could and impressed the Lord.
2. The unparalleled Bhakti of the squirrel and Govardhana must be inculcated. God always protects His Bhaktas, like He did to Govardhana.
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Lord Raama, the Paramatma, was, of course, the greatest warrior ever.
Lord Krishna in Bhagavadgita remarks “I am Raama among warriors”.
He learnt all the Shastras and unparalleled Dhanurvidya under the guidance of the great Vasishtha. He was also given superhuman powers like Bala, ati bala by the great Vishwamithra, the Rishi of Gayathri mantra. Vishwamithra Maharshi also taught him all the secret astras that ever existed, which only he in this whole universe knew (he originally learnt it from Lord Shiva). In addition to these, Agasthya mahamuni gave him many additional powers.A few glimpses of Lord Raama’s valour:
1. With one arrow Raama kills Tataki, the mighty rakshasi.
2. With two simultaneous arrows, he kills Subaahu and throws Maaricha seven seas away.
3. Effortlessly lifts the Shiva Dhanush, which was pulled to the court by around 50000 well-built people.
4. Raama kills Khara, Dhushana, their 1000 brothers and their army in 14 minutes single handed.
Despite being such a great warrior, he never displayed in strength on his own to show others. The anger on the Samudra stands as a good example for this quality of Raama:
Ravana gives 30 days time to Sita maata to decide if she will marry him, else will kill her.
Bharata took a word from Raama saying that if he doesn't return on the next moment of 14 yrs of Aranya-Vaas, then he will sacrifice himself.
Raama and his army reaches the shores of the ocean with barely 30 days in hand. They have to cross the ocean, defeat Ravana & his army, take Sita back to Ayodhya in around 30 days time.
With such a stress for time and given the strength of Rama, Lakshmana suggests Raama not to spend time asking ocean God for way, but to order him.
Though he had the strength and power to control the ocean God, he did not do it. He did penance on the shores of the ocean for 3 long days to give them a way. Finally, after 3 days Raama gets angry on the ocean and to make remember his duty, aims an Astra at him and immediately ocean God appears and suggests a way of crossing him…
Morals in the Story:
1. We, for our small petty achievements in life, are very proud (Ahankaar) and given a chance, display our strengths. The way of great people is quite different as shown by Lord Rama.
2. One must never use the strength or powers just because they exist with him, but judiciously use them for the benefit of everyone, upliftment of Dharma.
1. Controlling one’s Ahankaar is one the most difficult things. If it is controlled we will see a more peaceful world.
2. Always people who are humble and obedient are only respected by others. If Lord Rama Himself is so humble, as mere normal human beings imagine how much obedient we must be to our elders and parents.

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Happy friendship day frds

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Is there any other name for Raksha Bandhan? If so what is the significance of it?

‘Raksha Bandhan’ or ‘Rakhi Purnima’ is an Indian festival celebrated to enhance the relationship of Brother and sister. It is celebrated on the full moon day of Sravana maasam(lunar month according to Vedic calendar). The significant reason behind tying the Rakhi to the hand of the brother by his sister is very unique and it reflects the brother-sister relation in the Indian context. The sister ties the rakhi to the brother as a token of protection. Hence the sister prays the God by pouring her hearty to guard and save her brother from all sorts of harm and evils. Therefore the real name of Rakhi ( as we often name it) is ‘Raksha’. The festival that is celebrated on the auspicious full moon day (Poornima)of Sravaana maasam is called as Rakshika Poornima. It was named by our sages and preceptors like Garga Maharshi and others. Hereafter let us call it as Rakshika Purnima.

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From "Mahabharata"
14 important lessons to be learned

1. Patience, kindness and goodness are not enough to win in life:

2. Dead life can ruin your life without even imagination:
In fact, the Kaurava empire was destroyed by the destruction of the whole empire, and in the dream of their friendship, they have left unexpected defeat, and many suggestions of life like Shakti should be avoided.

3. A true friendship that does not see any differences can take you to a higher position in life:

4.The highest is the most dangerous:
So it is very dangerous at all times, especially on bad side.

5. Whose works are:
In the wilderness and the pandas in anonymously, the home and cooking things they have learned are very useful, and we also need to learn some of the things we need for our needs.

6. How hard to fight for what's going on:
The Pandavas' army is very small compared to the Kauravas and the Pandavas are the only ones who struggle with their difficulty and fight with their wishes

7. Loss of love can cause:
The love and belief of anyone who leads to destruction and fraud will lead to fraud.

8. Learning throughout life is the best gift for you:
Arjuna has been studying his life at the time of his life. Arjun has a unique position to learn from the frustrations of war chariots from the battlefield, the use of divine weapons, by Indra, from Mahadevi to Paasupapatasam, Yudhishthira, Krishna and other royal ethics.

9. Occasionally, enemies are also in the form of allies:

10. Preservation of Sreees from Danger:
In fact, Draupadi had five husbands, wealthy and most powerful, but failed to stop the shame.

11. Half knowledge is most dangerous:
He entered the path through the intersection but did not know how to get out of the majesty with his semi-knowledge. You have to start to know what works, and if you do not know, you have to leave that job in the middle.

12. Doing anything to do what the girl wants
Only because of the insult of Draupadi, the anger she raised on the Kaurava empire eventually made Kauravas their names without formal names.

13. If you are interested, no one can stop you:
So in order to achieve something we have to be very interested in it or not.

14. Good strategy is essential for success:
If the Krishna is not in his supposed strategy, the Pandavas are not the ones who can be successful, there is a good plan to do any work, so that we can complete the work properly.

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