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Penn Vet is a leader in the field of companion animal cancer research & treatment.

This story demonstrates the successful treatment of mast cell cancer.

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Australian Canine Osteosarcoma Drug Trials

Osteosarcoma is a very aggressive bone cancer that afflicts many dogs, especially the larger breeds. This drug therapy research is very promising and worth following.

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We are often blissfully unaware of how hot our dogs can get... and how hard it can be for them to cool down. Nina provides some very useful info in her latest blog entry.
Heat Stress
A friend kindly pointed out that Kira's picture in my last blog post shows her with her tongue making a little bowl - a sign of heat stress. Here's the lady of the moment, in case anyone forgot that picture: Dogs can't sweat except under their paws and on t...

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Storing dog food isn't something we spend a lot of time contemplating.

It is however quite important for your dog's nutrition and health to get it right.

This article provides some very useful information and guidelines.

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Sceptical about acupuncture for your dog?

A veterinary student's short account of the potential of acupuncture.

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An excellent explanation of canine hip dysplasia and how it develops.

A must see video for any new puppy owner

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A great blog about all sorts of dog experiences. This one deals with eating stones. One or two entries on describes why it is important to get up when your dog wakes you up in the middle of the night.

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A good article looking at recalls, given the trainer's own struggles with her terrier pup.

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Here is a great reference to canine rehab after an operation:
Remember, always consult your vet before undertaking anything of this nature, and always follow your vet's instructions first!

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Having a fearful dog can be a real challenge and giving up probably crosses the mind more often than not. Here is an account of perseverance that inspires and may bring hope to those who are considering giving up.
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