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Listen in to part 3 of Katie Stewart’s 4 part vlog series on difficult compensation conversations with employees. Conversation 3 – When an employee is not happy with the increase they’ve just been given. #ChicagoHR #ChicagoPEO #MidwestHR

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Business owners: are you beginning to receive questions about W-2s? Proactively assist your employees by providing this valuable information! #HRhavan

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January is often a time of renewed energy around healthy behaviors! Here are 6 ways you can encourage your employees toward healthy behaviors throughout 2018.

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8 Tips to Cultivate a Culture of Optimism in Your Organization

Employee Engagement is Related to Optimistic Management

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Employee Engagement Best Practices Begin Before a Vacant Position is Filled in Your Organization

Start an Effective Onboarding Process During Recruitment and from the First Moment of Contact

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Why companies should conduct 'stay interviews,' not 'exit interviews'  via Chicago Tribune

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Changes on strategic level inevitably lead to the fact that management has to redefine its understanding of performance now and in the future. Turbulent times offer first-class opportunities.

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How the Practice of OD Makes for a Spiritually Satisfying Career and Life

Organization Development is recognized as an applied behavior approach that helps align organization systems. The systematic and systemic practice of OD often brings rewards to both the organizations and the individuals who are entrusted with ensuring a smooth transition. There are many ways OD adds value to people’s lives—some of these are given below:

a.Making a Real Difference - OD approaches create more sustainable outcomes.
OD Professionals play a significant role in organizational change and improving individual, team or organizational-wide performance. OD professionals make a real difference within organizations by helping to create a sustainable change management process for ongoing renewal.

b.Contributing towards Breakthrough Results - Action learning helps in improving business results.
OD professionals facilitate the organization change process and lead leadership teams to define actions. When people collaborate, some striking results can emerge. A new culture, a fantastic work design, deep personality insights… the list is endless. These breakthrough results can alter the future of an organization and impact the lives of its employees for the better.

c.Engaging in Continuous Learning - OD Professionals learn from every one.
Because OD Professionals need to work with people to facilitate strategic planning (vision, mission, goals, action and project plans) they are motivated to continue learning as every situation is different.

d.Generating Positivity - Positivity helps build trust and builds relationships.
Since the main work of OD Professionals is geared towards building the relationship, identifying needs, gaining commitment and trust, client contracting, and assessing client readiness, it is necessary that a positive atmosphere is maintained.

e.Performing Work that Impacts Society - OD helps us contribute to society.
The work done by OD Professionals has an impact on the society at large. As organizations perform better, more jobs are created, and communities and individuals benefit from change.

Now in India: Global OD Certificate Programs - Organization Development Certificate Program and Talent Management Certificate programs are being organized as classroom programs in India.

Please contact us at or visit

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Beautiful Article on Human Resource Department

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