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The Gift Of Safety Is The Best Gift Of All....

* Personal Safety Kits
* Travel Kits
* Pepper Spray
* Personal Alarms
* Home Invasion Kits
* Batons / Flashlights
* Stun Guns
* Surveillance Equipment
* Hidden Safes
* Survival Gear
* Spy Gear
* Police Supplies

Don't Be A Victim in 2017!

Happy 2017!


Personal Safety Kits

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Melbourne Taekwondo – The Different Marital Arts Melbourne  

Enrolling your child in a Taekwondo self-defence class will not only instill these virtues, it will also foster a positive environment for their physical and mental growth

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At jeongsin taekwondo we focus on traditional martial arts skills designed to develop confidence,respect, discipline, fitness and self awareness. Our self defence programs are all run in a fun friendly and safe environment with you the student in mind.
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Call 0400 48 33 53 for more details!!

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If you are not going to carry a gun when you jog, walk at the park or are walking through a parking lot, one of these 4 OC pepper sprays may be a great choice.
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