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every day is Love Appreciation Day
when you're a Michtim

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Thank you all for being a part of my life! I value everyone of you!!!
LOL. You want to know what day it is?

It's the day Michtim: Fluffy Adventures finally got its own Wikipedia page! Yes!

#CreatorsJoy #BucketList

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Meanwhile in #Europe, we still don't have #PokemonGO

But we have plenty of #Michtim hidden in plain sight! :)

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Look what I've been doing lately!

New Stuff ahead!
Hey #Michtim fans. Want to know what's going on? A lot! Check it out on my #rpg #design #blog.

News about thing's I'm working or have finished:

#WoundCards #PersonalityCards #CustomDice
#BoxedSet #CoreRulesUpdate

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Early concept design for Gear cards. All tradable goods should have 2 special icons: Supply and Demand. Each is rated +2 to -2 … 

My current idea was to use heat as a metaphor. Hot means "high" (+2) and cold means "low" (-2). The Supply Icon shows Gear coming towards you. The Demand Icon shows Gear going away (upwards) from you.

Some gear might be difficult to get, but highly sought after = very expensive/valuable. Other things are low in demand and high in supply.

Well, it doesn't really click with me currently. Need more work done.

#gear #trade #supply #demand #rpg #design #graphics #michtim

Testing the Archetype Deck … What do you think?


# Archetype Deck
This deck of cards has minimalistic character archetypes, so you can instantly build a character by taking an Archetype and a Calling card.

# The Assassin
Anger 4, Fear 4, Joy 2

Your job is backstabbing those who deserve it. You have your mind set on the target you pursue. Your power is ambushing. Your Vibe is *Hate*.

# The Gloomy One
Fear 4, Grief 4, Love 2

You are a trouble magnet. Everything around you seems to crumble, but you can always run away. Your power is hidden empathy. Your Vibe is *Despair*.

# The Peacemaker
Grief 4, Love 4, Fear 2

You excel at defusing tight situations. If someone needs support, you'll be there for them. Your power is healing. Your Vibe is *Serenity*.

# The Goodfellow
Love 4, Joy 4, Anger 2

You’ll always cheer up your friends, and know what they need the most: encouragement. Your power is finding kind words. Your Vibe is *Trust*.

# The Warrior
Joy 4, Anger 4, Grief 2

You are the zealous hero. There is no horror that could stop you. Your power is an iron will to follow your quest. Your Vibe is *Bravery*.

# The Former Victim
Anger 4, Grief 4, Fear 2

You were hurt pretty badly once, but it transformed you. You are now an engine of destruction. Your power is getting revenge. Your Vibe is *Spite*.

# The Creative
Grief 4, Joy 4, Love 2

You are a thinker. You take all things into consideration. Your power is exploiting opportunities. Your Vibe is *Inspiration*.

# The Scout
Joy 4, Fear 4, Anger 2

You are out and about. You have keen senses and can stay out of sight. Your power is silently gathering information. Your Vibe is *Surprise*.

# The Parent
Fear 4, Love 4, Joy 2

You are taking care of others. Regardless of your age, you nurture and keep an eye on those you love. Your power is silently helping out. Your Vibe is *Sorrow*.

# The Protector
Love 4, Anger 4, Grief 2

You fight for your loved ones. Hot blooded combat and tender healing are united in you. Your power is knowing when to fight and when to heal. Your Vibe is *Passion*.

Hey there!

Tell me from what kind of content you would benefit the most, if I were to post stuff here?


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I've updated the #Michtim   #Fluffy   #Merchandise  section!

I've created a new Michtim #Family   #TShirt , to celebrate #TeachYourKidsToGame  week. And also I've created a sweet #Coffee   #Mug  for kids and grownups.

I'm going to get one myself, ASAP!

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I was pointed to one of my older web addons for #Michtim ; namely the #Alternate   #Storygame   #CharacterSheet . It's not very useful without the accompanying text, and some things aren't even explained there, like "Strings" I grabbed from #Monsterhearts .

The basic rolling mechanic is the same, but instead of fixed effects, you can trade your hits for picks on lists. This is very flexible and I like it very much. I'm not sure if it will work with all the Callings, but at least you can see some tinkering possibilities, I guess.

Also I now (re-)added the Download section and a huge Contact Me! section for those who don't know how to best get a hold on me. Is that even the correct phrase? Don't know.

Have fun!
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