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They're white👌

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Good evening my name is Annie and i just joined here~ i am a lesbian if annyone wants to rp i am up for it but just that you know i prefer dominant females and i am ok with futas as partner~

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replace the guy with a cute girl or femboy~

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Angara Tsaryova
Female Kitusne from the Russian Federation
Angara Ivanovna Tsaryova (Russian: Ангара Ивановна Царева), also going by the name Tyutina (Russian: Тютина), is a female Kitsune futanari from the Russian Federation. She was born on December 25th, 1991, making her 26 years old. Her behavior is very, very quiet. She barely talks, but is usually caring and adorable (physical appearance). She has a quite large pair of breasts and buttocks, as she has been always asked on dates by other men, and is usually stared at.

Personal details
Angara Ivanova Tsaryova
December 25th, 1991 (Age 26)
Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union/Russian SFSR
Nationality Russian
Spouse(s) None, yet
Children None, yet
Alma mater Lomonosov Moscow State University

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just joined and we'll have some fun~ not sure if I need a profile?

Deep in America on the middle of the Eastern side, was a valley, secluded by large mountains that form a ring around a valley of grass and trees. Now regular person could get in there, but you couldn't say that irregular people could get in there. Thankfully for you, being the irregular person, you could get in there, and you were the only one who was ever in there. The valley was peaceful, and quiet, which was something you liked about it. One day, you were happily strolling on a walk in through the trees in the valley.

3+ Lines, be descriptive.
Male or Female, choose your gender.
This RP does have a password, if you don't have a picture of your character I want a 3 sentencs description of your character, things like gender, appearance, personality. But if you do, you just have to do things like personality and attitudes.
This RP is for me to test out a new fetish of mine, don't be weirded out when I start to introduce it.
I will decline a RP if you don't have a good character profile for me.

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(Rp contains incest.)
(Female needed.)
(8+ Lines.)

Sarah, my joyful and goofy sister. She is just about as happy as anyone in our family can be. As a Sister Sarah has always supported me. She was the kind of sister who helped me talk to girls for the first time. She's just about been there for me all the time, and I love her for that. The truth is, I'm starting to really like Sarah. My name is Rokuro, and I know its wrong but I can't help it, she's implanted her way into my head. I can't stop thinking about her. If she ever found out I felt this way, she might never talk to me again. What should I do? Say something, or forever hide my secret? Sarah wanted to go to the beach and has pulled me along. She's wearing a swimsuit, and it is really hard to stop thinking dirty thoughts..

Wait when did I join a lewd community-

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Hello! I wish to make friends here, and to enjoy some roleplays here. I usually roleplay as a female Kitsune Futanari.

New Girlfriend
1. Sexual intercourse isn't allowed at the beginning of the story. It may, later on though
2. I'm okay if you don't do two lines or more.
3. Vore, Urine, Feces, and all of that isn't allowed.
4. Please just send a Private Post to me if you want to roleplay.

Nikita was a fairly new girlfriend of yours. You had your first date last night at a cinema, and Nikita slept over as she was that tired. She would always wear sexualy attactive clothing, sleep in the nude beside you, sleep on you; with her vulva/vagina near your penis, and other sexualy seeming things that would always get you turned on. But, she didn't do this to make you mad. It was how she lived. Most of the time, she never knew she did it at all. It was morning on present day, you had gotten up but she was still asleep. Eventually, she got up and hugged you from behind: her large breasts pressing up against you...
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Wow it's alive!
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