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Hello and welcome to the Spiritual Alchemy community! Are you ready to REALLY shift to a higher consciousness? You've come to the right place! Leave all boxes at the door, and be prepared to let all limitations GO! 

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JOIN ME FOR A PHENOMENAL TIME THIS WEEKEND IN DURHAM, NC! Are you ready to be the change? Would you like to help change the challenging tide of events in the world? Are you ready for that "next step" in your spiritual development? What better time than NOW? You're worth it!

These class weekends are ALWAYS phenomenal... with the vibration of the class and all of the practicing throughout, it's like having at least a dozen energy sessions or so in the weekend while you're learning (remembering) how to use it! Boo-yah... talk about clearing the way!

Hope you can join us!!! And right around the solstice... perfect! <3

If you're joining in on the magic, REGISTER HERE ASAP:
(Payment plans are available)

For testimonials - both practitioner and recipient - see

Angela Beyer Coulter
Originator, Trinity Energy Progression

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NEW VIDEO: JUNE '16 SPIRITUAL/METAPHYSICAL ENERGY UPDATE! Yep... it seems crazy and bizarre "out there"... and before we judge any of it - whether we look at the Orlando shooting, or any of a number of similar instances that are separation-based (i.e. based in hate, anger, judgment, fear, etc.) in our realities and/or around the world, there's much to look at "in here" - within ourselves - to resolve and embrace... that resolution eases what's going on at the collective level.

Resolution of unity-based consciousness and separation-based consciousness - what has developed here into the female and male energies - is what's top priority, at the forefront... and the best thing to do is resolve it within our SELF. And that's what's manifesting around us, as a HUGE reminder... and the way to resolve it is to accept, embrace, and resolve all within.

And hang in there... for the group healing (outside of space and time) at the end!

Watch... and share!

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This week's Living the Shift covered a topic that isn't often considered: Can you let go of living via labels? 

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Wonderfully uplifting music. Check it out... :)). Feels like it touches the soul.
Are you looking for music that gives you inner peace, takes you back to the source? Be sure to visit this website
This music will not leave you unmoved, for it is handed from pure dimensions that remind us where we come from. It arises out of a deep inner connection.
This music gives us a homefeeling, whichever genre you will hear: reset, energy boost, relaxing, meditation, inner view, dance, awakening, jazzy and evening.
There is a large variation in style, but they have one thing in common: you can keep on listening.
The music makes your heart leap every time, wakes you up, boosts your energy, makes you happy, creates unity and brotherhood.
It connects, inspires and transforms. It gives support in your daily work and brings you to reality.
It is a window to a new world – this music heals.

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NEW BLOG POST: What I thought might be one experience turned completely into another, even following guidance every step of the way. BAM... so much completion and resolution (I would expect nothing less LOL)... at Pluto's Cave, a 190,000+ year old lava tunnel near Mount Shasta, CA. So many synchronicities, and such connection with the higher planes of consciousness. Every single one of us has a crucial piece of the bigger pie... and I see it more and more in every interaction I witness! Join me here on this adventure!

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JULY '15 ENERGY UPDATE: Here's my take on what's up with so much of this SHARK energy!  

SO much change, so much going on... it's a productive, productive year in terms of us shifting, THAT'S for sure! Here's my understanding around so much shark visibility, how it's connected to our metaphysical/spiritual shifting, as well as other important elements (including resolution of our "dark side" or "shadow side") and a clearing/creation setting to help us move forward with GRACE, EASE, and FUN (my personal preference)! Please watch and PASS IT ON!

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February newsletter... if you're not subscribed (and you didn't receive this from me in your email), please sign up... AND pass it on! LOTS more to come! 

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NEW BLOG POST: Are you REALLY enjoying the holiday season, or just going through the movements? A perspective of existing truly from a place of love within... EVERY day...

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GREAT NEW BLOG POST by soul sista and Trinity Energy Progression instructor Sevi Miller! Even those of us on the most advanced spiritual paths can have the experience of what Sevi calls the "s**t storm"... and that it can be; however, the difference in the result is how we perceive it and allow whlie in the midst of it. Read on... 
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