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Hello, I'm here... I don't live in California, nor the USA. I live over the sea in the United Kingdom... I'm good at art though. If you wander why it looks like a woman, it's because my fursona is genderbent
Ask permission if you can use the image, I do not appreciate art thieves

Hey guys. Just to let you know I actually live in Arizona. :P

Hey! I'm from Humboldt County Waves enthusiastically !

Orange County in Buena Park/Fullerton here. =3

Say hey!

hey every one

Me and my furs say hi

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(OC)Name = Vex Wolfenstien
Gender = Male
Sexual preference = Straight. (Can be friendly to anyone whose nice to me)
Age = 18
Species = Wolf/Husky
Skin color = Green/ White Snout and Belly
relationship status = Dating my highschool crush Hadaka QT (Nervana Channler)
Mental conditions = OCD, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers

Loves hugs. Can be affectionate towards everyone. Loves offensive jokes.
Is a Gay/Lesbian supporter. Hates people who are rude. Can be very sad alot, but also happy.
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No Trolling or Hating, this is a friendly community that deserves to be preserved with good intentions.

NSFW...Bulges and Bikini only.

Make sure you keep it under the category it is intended.

Have fun.
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