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Yandere x Classmate
(Y/N) was a Junior in high school. He was quiet popular with the other students at the school. He was especially popular with the girls.
Even though it seemed like (Y/N) had all the girls he could want, there was one girl that he didn't have in his grasp. That girl was Rose Williams. Rose was the quiet girl that nobody noticed, except for him. She was always preparing for her classes, studying and she was a bit of a teacher's pet. She was the one girl that wasn't enamored by him. He started to become obsessed with getting her to notice him.
One day, Rose was getting ready to tutor one of the underclassmen when (Y/N) stopped her in the hall. He thought that this could be his chance to get her to notice him. He then...
((Looking for a male. Must be a Yandere.))
((please be a little descriptive and state your name and a small bio before rping))
((I know I say this on all my rps but sorry I'm not the best at starters.))

+Ilove art

here is the rp

Phoenix was walking to his class when he suddenly bumps into someone h-hey im s-sorry

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Blue haired girl- Sika-sun
Red haired boy- Jong Park (JuJu)
Main girl- Auika-chan
Main boy- Xi-kun
Boys,Girls,People....all they do is get hurt especially me Im Auika Takata,you dont want my a
And other unmentionables,yes im this because i can see your future by touching you,read your mind, and superstrength and Im going to a new school and get ready for my adventure

Did you hear?

Shes a freak

i walk into the classroom like who i am
“Hi im Auika Takata please call me Auika-chan”
she going to be a pain

“Sorry for being a pain i guess”
The teacher is stunned
i walk to my seat by the so called hottest boy in school Xi Jung Lee
45+asax567 equals

He looks at me
i fall asleep dreaming of my past of stuff i dont need my mo-

“New girl! Your crying”
i snap my head up and i was schocked

(Xi Jung Lee is dom,smart,doesnt take no as a answer)

You can do this in hangouts or kik or pp or just here

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So I’m looking to do a romance rp. I’m a male but I’m willing to roleplay with either gender. Hentai will be involved, how much is up to you. I’m really just seeing who would be interested before I write one. I can write really Any scenario so if you’re interested in doing a (descriptive) romance roleplay, then please let me know

After recovering from a bad illness, I can now role play if anyone would like to.

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while exploring for bugs, a small pink-haired boy stopped me and told me that he was going on vacation and needed someone to take over his kingdom for him. Without an answer he gave me the crown and cape and vanished
I'm king... of what now?
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Touken Ranbu OC

Разрушитель души (Razrushitel' Dushi)
Raz for short
Translates to Soul Destroyer in English

Sword Type: Russian Shashka

Nationality: Russian

Former Master: Lord Grishenko


Dark Humour
Light Training
Killing shit

People being idiots
Anyone in his way
Constant interruptions

Sexuality: Bisexual

Crush: None

Height: 6'2
Weight: 92 kg
Build: Muscular
Skin tone: Light
Hair style: Messy spiked
Hair colour: Dark Blonde

Уничтожьте этого ублюдка (Unichtozh'te etogo ublyudka)
Translates to Anhailite this bastard

Вытрите грязь (Vytrite gryaz')
Translates to wipe out the filth
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hey anyone want to rp with me

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(Based off the Half Life 2 Mod Nightmare House 2)

My Bloody Valentine..

After your work shift at the factory you get in your truck to drive home. It’s a dark and calm night as always on your way home and you feel bad for the guy who works the night shift at the factory.. From 11 PM to 8 AM is torture. Little to no light outside and all the maintenance areas are outside if there needs to be. After about a couple miles you reach the same forest in which you pass through on the way home. Adjusting your rear view mirror you look up for a moment to see if its good and at the sight of the road again, you’re about to hit what looks to be a female nurse! Taking action you turn the wheel to not hit her and you hear the wheels screech. It crashes into a tree and your truck seems to be busted. You feel your head.. It throbs from the impact of the crash and the airbag went off while your seatbelt saved your life. Your vision is blurry.. It’s hard to see and the darkness doesn’t help. Finally regaining your vision and strength, you reach into the back of the vehicle and grab a flashlight.

“Well this is some shit..” You say as you rub your head again. You leave some glow sticks as a precaution to not lose the way back to your car, smart idea. As you walk a path to find the nurse you come upon what looks to be a house for sale. It seems abandoned but there’s a shack nearby. You think gas may be in there but you can’t just take it. The house may be for sale but someone could still live here. You go the front door and knock waiting for some time and then knock again. After that you try to open it and its locked. DAMN!” Your fist hits the wall and you let out a sigh. Going down the steps, your eyes avert to the attic door and you feel like it’s an option. When you reach it, there’s a lock. “Might as well investigate the shack now.” You take your walk back to the shack and investigate, the inside not containing anything but an axe on the table. The lock on the attic.. It could be broken with this. You take the axe and walk out heading back to the attic door. With a single swing, you break the lock. “Well that was easier than expected..” But once you take a step or leap onto the platform below, it breaks beneath you. You land on your feet but the pressure of landing causes you to fall onto your back. When you finally get up, you see the same nurse on the road staring at you. She turns and walks into the door behind her opening it with ease before disappearing.


1. Long term rp so don’t make it boring.

2. Good grammar and spelling. This is supposed to be descriptive.

3. Speaking of descriptive, 5 lines or more (Phone) and 6 lines or more (PC). I am using a phone but I will live up to my promise of lines or more.

4. PP Only, Any gender permitted

5. Take charge in the role play, most of it revolves around your character. Don’t worry about your character dying as well, that will not happen. The most that will happen is you had a near death experience.
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