Name: Simon
Age: 16
Class: Assassin
Bio: Just a normal kid who grew up in the slums... who can kill you in under 10 seconds
Personality: Funny and energetic. 
City: Captol
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Name: Serena
Age: 15
Part: Princess
Bio: her parents were over protective, so she never was allowed out if the castle except on special occasions. . when she was a young girl she loved to hide and sneak around. As she got older she didn't want to be stuck in the castle anymore so Serena sneaks out pretends to be a villager. She doesn't have very many friends in the castle and fights for what she believes in, which is more than often different from the king and queen.
Personality: Caring, string willed.
Other: when in village is called Rose.
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Thx for the invite

Can I be a princess?
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