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It's Turkey time - we know. But remember to stay fit.
Tempo-motion is a Fitness app that helps you get fit.Using your Android wear devices or mobile phones,your fitness data will be visualized in a simple view ready for you.
- More importantly, We really reward you with gift cards credits toward your next purchase of a great movie at AMC, dinner at AppleBee , shopping experience at WholeFood and More to come.
- The app is packed with features, so we created a video to highlight those for you.
Download now :

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Another big release from us. With release 3.2 , we focus on presenting your fitness data in real time without using your phones. 
- Interactive watch face to view your fitness data by just tapping to the watch face.
- You can select from variety of colors to fit your unique styles and activities.
- Deep integration with Google Fit to show information at your wrist.
Download now @:
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Hi there,

We are looking for awesome guys and gals to check out our new Beta version of MarkO: Reminder, smart & easy  -

Now, when you create a task, MarkO will recognize what you need, and give you place, time and sharing suggestion. MarkO has standalone app for #AndroidWear which can based on your speech input suggest location, time, date and with whom (sharing option).

We appreciate all thoughts, opinions and suggestions

#Wearable   #Smartwatch   #mobileapps   #reminders
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What do you guy thing about these design for Android Wear smart watch ?
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Wearable Computing at Google I/O
#io14 #wearables

Interested in learning more about wearable computing?  Lucky you, Google I/O is just around the corner! This year will include some great sessions you'll want to get on your calendar right away. Many of the sessions are livestreamed, so you can be there with us even if you're not attending Google I/O in person.

Day 1
9am, Keynote,

It's the keynote. Of course you gotta go!

3pm, Wearable computing with Google,
In this session, we'll tie together the constellation of devices in your user's lives with common design and development practices. This is the key information that'll get you ready for being part of a sea change of technology that invariably puts the user first.

4pm, Designing for wearables,
Wearable technology requires new design approaches. In this session, we'll share our design process for building on Android Wear and Glass, and tips for developers and designers working in this emerging space.

Day 2
9am, Glassware design sprint,
Learn from one another and prototype new Glassware. In this design sprint, we'll examine the principles behind great Glassware and put these principles to use immediately. Capacity is limited.

10am, Android Wear: The developer's perspective,
This is the developer's tour of the Android Wear platform and Google's new wearable APIs. Learn about our simple and powerful tools for creating apps for Android Wear devices and bringing wearable experiences to your Android apps.

2pm, Distributing your Glassware,
Join this session for an in-depth discussion of the Glassware review process and the steps you can take to get your Glassware in the hands of Explorers quickly and easily.

3pm, Innovate with the Glass Platform,
This session will provide a deep analysis of the Glass software platform and provide developers with tools, APIs, and sample code to build truly innovative user experiences on Glass.

Also, stay tuned for some excellent videos covering a range of topics important to any developer or designer working in this exciting field.

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Possibilities on Android wearables
Some of our favorite #AndroidWear ideas from the community
by +Roman Nurik

Since we launched the Android Wear Developer Preview back in late March, we’ve seen some amazing wrist-based app ideas and mockups from developers and designers all around the world! A month later, the Android Wear Developer community on Google+ [], Dribbble [], Behance [] and other sites [] are chock full o’ inspirational wearable app ideas.

Today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ideas—to help get the creative juices flowing for your next big app idea. The mockups below aim to solve a variety of real-world problems for users, from intelligently delivering the weather forecast, to more ambitious goals like keeping you safe while driving. Check them out below!

The daily routine
· [] Keeping your eyes on the road, via Jeremy Avery in California
· [] Checking on the weather forecast, via Unity Interactive in Croatia
· [] Sheltering the storm, via Kreativa Studio in Croatia
· [] Gearing up for match day, via David Hampshire in London
· [] Getting to your meeting on time, via Michal Galubinski in Poland
· [] Never losing your place, via Jan Schoppenhorst
· [] Counting your calories, via Luka Mlakar in Slovenia

Sights and sounds
· [] Staying on the edge of your seat, via Casey Labatt-Simon
· [] Finally answering “what’s that song?!”, via James Storer in London
· [] Discovering great music around you, via Nicola Felaco in Italy
· [] Remembering the good ol’ days, via Felipe Mendes in Brazil
· [] Rockin’ out to your favorite tunes, via Rico Monteiro in Brazil
· [] Dimming the lights, via Guilherme

And who can forget…
· [] Living in the future, via Beard Chicken

Share your favorites!
We’d love to hear about your favorite ideas… make sure to post them in the Android Wear Developers community on Google+ so other wearable UI “pioneers” can be inspired by your work!
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