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Theme: Tryst

1. After Work Drinks
2. Dirty Little Secret
3. Caught Red Handed
4. Only After Dark
5. Sneaking Out
6. Rendezvous

Please view our BVDN tab on our page if you have any questions on how to participate. Those who weren’t able to attend have 24 hours to complete at least 1 prompt in order to claim the banner. Thank you all who participated and please tag us if you post to Tumblr. :)

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the next installment of Earth Vermin is available on AO3 :)


“Mom?? Mom?!” Bulma called as she ran into the kitchen with the car seat hooked around her elbow with baby Trunks still sleeping inside, “Mom? Dad? I think it’s him!”

“It’s him, what?” Pansy said as the silverwear in the drainer and the dishes in the cabinet began to shake.

“The Capsule Corp space pod.” Dr Briefs mumbled to himself as the vibration that rippled through the house came up to a steady buzz, “Oh my, its coming in hot!”

“Dad did you install the auto-docking function I developed?”

“The what? I can’t hear you!”

“The AUTO DOCKING—UGH!” Bulma said as she braced herself against the kitchen counter, deafened by the roar of the space pod as it grazed the backyard and made impact with the ground. She squeezed her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as the sound of metal meeting soil growled through all the little pictures and figurines her mother kept along the walls, opening them only as the last of the sand and grit rained down on the ball-like craft outside. “Shit. Shit, it is him!” Bulma said to herself as Trunks began to cry. “I don’t . . . oh my Kami it really is him.”

“Here, let me take the baby. You go out and talk to him.” Pansy said as she unbuckled trunks from his car seat.

“No. No I don’t have anything to say!” Bulma said as she quickly tucked her hands under Trunks’ arms and lifted him out of the seat. “Let him come in if he wants to but . . . I’m not

Does anyone know any beta readers for dbz fanfictions

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This is all I can show off

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More on my ongoing FanFiction, Earth Vermin :D

“There you go, sweetheart. There’s mommy’s guy!” Bulma cooed as she peeled the sides of the diaper away from the front, “I know, I know . . . nobody likes a wet diaper! Nobody likes the wet diaper little guy!!” she said as baby Trunks began to fuss. Gently she enclosed both ankles and lifted his lower body by the legs, raising him just high enough to peek at the spot at the base of his spine—a tail stump, lavender in color, same as his hair and his thick, scowling eyebrows. “Uncle Piccolo did a good job on you yes he did! Yes he did, mommy’s baby!” she cooed once again as she slid a fresh diaper beneath him, “Uncle Piccolo loves all the Saiyan babies just like mommy loves her baby . . . Speaking of which, mommy and baby have a picnic scheduled for today! Would you like that? Just me and you, no science time! No work, no babysitter, no nana or grandpa, just mommy and Trunks!”

Bulma pulled the little cat-eared cap down on baby’s Trunks’ head. She picked him up and gave him a kiss and a cuddle, smiling warmly as he babbled and clutched at her breast. She stuffed the diaper bag with a few more nappies and wipes, and neated the blankets on his bed in anticipation of his afternoon nap. So much had changed in her life since Trunks had been born and all for the better—her days were now full of fuzzy stuffed animals and sing-a-long songs, playdates and co-sleeping, every day full of bright rays of sunshine and wonder, all the world feeling fresh and new with Bulma eager share with her tiny, sweet, innocent, perfect baby boy. His smiles melted the gloom, his chubby, dimpled arms with their great big hugs chased away the pain. She had never smiled so bright or so often, nor had she ever kept smiling so earnestly. Baby Trunks, angel, savior . . . his sunny smiles could only ever be darkened by the thought, the distant, fading thought, of the one . . . the one who she had never imagined would be her lover, the one who made her believe in love when he made the impossible come true . . . then promptly reminded her of exactly why love had felt so impossible to begin with.

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Hi, everyone. I've been away for a bit, but I wanted to share the latest chapter of my AU story, "Spilled Ink." This part has dash of lemon. There will probably be more in the future, but right now I'm still building out stuff. A bit of memory jogging: Bulma and Vegeta are curmudgeonly journalists with "issues." Stop by if you get the urge. Thanks!

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Hii :) I'm finally back after a long long break. I have a quick question when Goku flew to Namek and trained with the gravitiy simulator, what gravitiy level did he start on?
In case anybody is interested I'm gonna update soon :)

Hoo boi, I am just sinking myself deeper and deeper into B/V content. I'm Grimmy and I write, draw, and occasionally dabble in animation.

I won't lie, I was primarily attracted by the concept of drabble nights as it reminds me of something I used to do back in DC fandom. I'm really looking forward to it.
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