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I feel this would be a good way to improve the visuals of JG for Android:
1. The Homepage could be used to hold cards from social media feeds, connected services, or news and weather.
2. The navigation drawer would use a blurred, frosted-glass appearance give a sense that you haven't left the page you're on yet.
3. A new menu using the CycleMenu for simplicity and improving screen real estate, all in front of another blurred, frosted-glass panel for a consistent design.
Again, this is still a concept design and not actually developed yet.
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I'm working on a new update method for JumpGo for Windows; using the unfinished JGUpdate app to apply small patches rather than full updates. Hmm...

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Which logo would you prefer?
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Logo 4.31
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Logo 4.32

v4.3.052 is live on GPlay beta! Basically just an update for Arabic language support and a ui tweak for tablet tabs

Update coming your way! Well... soon?

Version 4.3 is live!

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Check out some of the new resources for JG
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Just switched to Open Beta Testing

Forgot to mention, version build 102 has been up for a day now... hehe. Hope you guys enjoy the new shortcut feature available.

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