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Discussion Topic 6: What is the the future of teaching and what does the classroom look like? On page 32, I talk about different tech tools and where they fit on Bloom's.

Here is a short 2 minute video by Bloomberg showing an example of a class using a rotational model and multiple types of technology to support the instruction.

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Discussion Topic 5: Part 2 on page 19 talks about "What is the role of technology and how can it help?" On page 26, I talk about how technology can help with feedback.

For me, I personally know best when I get immediate feedback. Mark Milliron, the Chancellor of Western Governors University, offers a great presentation on "Students' Right to Know: The Case for Radical Immediate Feedback" This is a 13 minute video that is quite humorous and real.

How do we get feedback immediately to students and teachers. He talks about Bloom's 2 Sigma Problem and Growth Mindset.

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Discussion Topic 2: What Employers Want /How to Prep Students

In Part 1 I included a list of the top 10 things employers are seeking. Which ones do you think your school /district currently prepares students for?  Which ones do you think you don’t?

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Discussion Topic 7: On page 47, I reference an article in the Washington Post, "Teacher spends two days as a student and is showed by what she learns". Read the full article below.

We've all sat through meetings that last hours, run back to back, all day long. We all complain about these. In this article, the teacher describes what a student experience is like at school. 

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Discussion Topic 4: Personalized Learning meets the needs of our stakeholders and all learnings, including students and teachers. We are all learners.

How do we (individually) experience personalization everyday to be more engaged? Does it have a more positive effect on our response?

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Discussion Topic 3:  On page 9, I start with the question "What is personalized learning and why does it matter?"

All educators want better outcomes but why is personalized learning relevant in the pursuit of student outcomes?

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