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You can now join THE HUMANITARIANS community where we all have equal rights to discuss and advocate for better life for the vulnerable people worldwide..

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It does not matter where a child is born. Where you are born does not determine what you'll become. Jesus Christ was born in a manger and he went on becoming the world's most celebrated man on earth.... And as everyday passes, we celebrate him even more!

Great men and women who had made the world a beautiful place today were not born in the nicest places in the world and were not born in peaceful times; BUT THEY BECAME SUPPER GREAT!!!

"Ndaguju Markus" is certainly one of those great births in our time. She may have been born in the Internally Displaced Persons camp in an unpleasant season as it is in the Northeast but her future remains bright and beautiful...

With continuous supports from noble men and women like you and I, Ndaguju Markus can grow up to becoming the distinguished "Amina Mohammed" of the next generation...


NEMA/GOALPrime Organisation Nigeria
"Making Life Better In The Nation"

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