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It’s the ‘Goa Calling', guys!
#CountryInn and Suites by Carlson, #Goa is looking for:
1.Housekeeping Executive
2.Accounts Executive
3.Banquet Sales Executive
4.Front Office Associate
Go on, apply here:

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Attention guys !
Jaypee Group is looking for applicants for a qualified and experienced female #YogaInstructor for their chain of #hotels in #NewDelhi!
So, if you think you can fit the bill, here you go:
As it’s an urgent requirement, we request you to pass on the information!

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Name: Duke Red
Age: 30 years
Gender: Male
Loves: Having fun, My wife, My foster children, My foster nephew +Humphrey, Looking forward, Helping people and others, having sex with my wife
Hates: My anger
Personality: Kind, Gentle, Smooth, Hot and Strong
Family: +Shadow Alpha Wolf (Foster Son), +Humphrey (Foster nephew), +E Vaughn (Wife), General Red (Father-in-law) May Red (Daughter)
Favorite type of Beer: Wine, Whisky and Beer
Hotel Room#: 7 room
Character Appearance: Light black skin, Blonde Hair, Emerald Eyes, Black Coat, Light plum collar and Dark Red Bowtie
Bio: I met +E Vaughn and +Shadow Alpha Wolf at his hotel
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Name: Spirit
Age: 19 (will be in 2.5 years)
Gender: male
Personality: friendly, serious when needed, kind hearted, loving
Loves: my family. Especially my little sister, Snowflake, anything fun, my friends, anybody nice
Hates: anybody evil or rude
Family: Black Mass (father), Lulu (mother), Snowflake (little sister), Neon (adoptive father), Rose (adoptive mother)
favorite type of beer: none. Too young. But I enjoy root beer
Transportation: modified Delorian
Hotel Room#: 18
Room appearance: a wolf-like appearance and detail
Character Appearance: (shown below)
Bio: while being a hero in time, I needed a break. So I decided to stay at this hotel for some time. Neon +Knight Wing really liked me, as did his mate, Rose. I invited my little sister, Snowflake to join to. I'm now like an adoptive son to them. Although I'm 19, tall in size have a muscular build, I'm a friendly guy. Just don't get on my temper side.

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Name: Snowflake
Age: 13 (she will be in 2 years)
Gender: female
Personality: sweet, playful, very loving, serious when needed
Loves: her big brother, Spirit, her family, her Friends, and singing
Hates: anybody evil or rude, annoying wolves
Family: Black Mass (father), Lulu (mother), Spirit (big brother), Neon (adoptive father), Rose (adoptive Mother)
favorite type of beer: dies the drink. WAY too young
Transportation: nine. She rides with Spirit
Hotel Room#: 16 (next door to Spirit)
Room appearance: has an ice and snow atmosphere
Character appearence: (shown below)
Bio: I joined my big brother, Spirit after he invited me. Neon and Rose were so sweet. They loved me. Me and Spirit love hanging out together. We even have our rooms next door to each other. One thing special about me, I can survive extremely cold temperatures for a long time. And I'll love to be a sweet wolf to anybody nice, but I also know self defense. Be warned if you're a bully

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Name: rose
Age: 14
Gender: futa. (Looks female when turned off~)
Personality: sexual, funny, kind, calm, outgoing, mysterious...
Loves: +Knight Wing​​, my mate/hun~
Hates: many things
Family: Knight Wing​​, And, Kate The Alpha!
Appearance/room appearance: photo... (I've got a shadow form and anamatronic form and pony form!)
(Forgot other parts)
Room number: 669
Bio: _"I moved in due to I couldn't afford a home, so, I live here!"_
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Name: Tima
Age: 29 years
Gender: Female
Personality: Lovingly, Sneaky, Sexual, Apologize and Kind
Loves: My husband, My Son, My Daughter, Drinking and having $ex
Hates: My husband's frustration and pissed off
Family: Duke Red (Husband), Knight Wing (Foster son) Jenna the Wolf (Foster daughter) General Red (Father) May Red (Daughter)
Favorite type of Beer: Sangria
Transportation: Loving Person
Hotel Room: Bedroom with Window
Character Appearance: Golden wolf with blonde hair
Bio: I met Duke Red in Hotel, I talked to him and I kissed
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ty for the invite

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