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Name : Rose Song
Age : 18
Gender : female
Side: defense
Rank: pro
Type: earth pony
Likes : Disney, drawing, reading, singing, old movies, and animals
Dislikes : spiders, dubstep, rated r films, and thunderstorms
Relationship status : single
Talents: singing and drawing
Fears : spiders, needles, and thunderstorms
Bio: She is a famous singer who makes time in her schedule for her fans, friends, and family. She is also the baby sister of the villain, King Sombra. The two are a lot like the Ying Yang symbol with Sombra is the Ying part and Rose Song is the Yang part. Her cutie mark came when she sang at her kindergarten school talent show. Her glowing eyes is actually a tiny bit of pure evil that lies in her very soul, making it possible for her to become a villain herself, but she does whatever she can do to prevent that.

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name: Shulk
age: 19
side: Defense
rank: novice
bio: has the ability to see the future that has changed into seeing small bits of the past. not enough to prove guilty or not but enough to get to along

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Name: General twilight sparkle
Age: 48
Gender: mare
Race: alicorn
Personality: dark, ironed hoofed, good leader
Likes: unknown
Dislikes: unknown
Cm: [you know it fans]
Talent: magic and war
Occupation: General of Tk, and 
Bio:twilight sparkle, and General of tk
born as a unicorn, when I learned the true meaning of Friendship I became an alicorn.   But i came from another version of  Equestira where evil was ruler. im the queen of equestria. im mean to my enemies. uses force to prove anything. dark minded. General of twilight kingdom. has bio armor and powers from a friend .

[she is from my group tk]

name: Salvr shadow
age: 1924 (age spells)
side: defense (lets face it he probably will be sent to court often)
rank: novice
bio: he is most likely gonna be a suspect a lot well he has a great rival celestia one bad moment and it leads to a life of ughhh
reason: celestia and being driven from his home

Bio:i'm a decent defense attorney. I've won 5 cases and lost 2.  

(I have no picture because i learned i'm horrible at drawing)
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