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I am looking for communicators in order to let people know that we develop applications that must bring good things into their lives: www.WeAreA.Net

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+Sakari Maaranen is looking for a co-worker. Who'd join his team?
Just a friendly note that we are hiring in my team. This is a junior position, but does require talent even if you didn't have a decade worth experience. #DevOps #Cloud #Ansible #Helsinki #Finland

+iongutanu is looking to be employed as a front-end Web developer. Who wants to buy such services?

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If you buy from +John Pozadzides, he can buy what he wants.

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Does anyone have a lead on a room rental in the Eastchester area of the Bronx???  #rental #bronx  Need it at least for the month of May.

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Why does +BrickSimple, LLC have an office in downtown Doylestown, PA?

* This is the view out the front door
* 24 places that serve lunch/dinner within a two block radius
* Penthouse office space with rooftop deck
* 3 restaurants and a brewery in our building
* Two blocks from the regional rail line

Yes, we are hiring!

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Apply for this job if you match this team.
We're looking for a full-time WEB DEVELOPER in Halifax to join our growing team! Be part of Konnekt's exciting digital agency and enjoy amazing clients, awesome projects, and a great work environment.

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I'm looking for a #Web  savvy person to replace a collaborator on one of my projects.

He's had to drop out because of increased pressure on his day job, and I'm keen to keep up momentum if at all possible.

Needs to be capable in #Bootstrapping  , #Spidering  , SEO ; more would be welcome.

+Adrian Howard , +Chris Ogle , +Jeremy Dent , +Doug Morrison : anyone you would recommend in your networks?

Many thanks.

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Looking for someone in southern California
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