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"Before all others, there existed a mighty warrior of his kind whose strength was unlike any the mortal world had ever seen... With axe in hand he stood against an army, cutting down all who opposed him in a battle that raged on for what seemed like days. Yet, the great executioner would fall on this day...Not to any angel, demon, or even a human warrior, but to one single child..." - Iori Kyouma

Name: He doesn't know. Should someone refer to him by a name, that's the one he'll take.

Code/Nickname: The First Adept

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Not known. He's a little oblivious as far as anyone can tell.

Species: Artificial Adept, created by an old magic.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 147.3 lbs

Appearance: He's quite easy to spot in a crowd due to his unusual black-and-white hair with its navy-blue streak and clear blue eyes with black sclera. An intricate old black tattoo runs down the left side of his face and part of his neck. Dresses in a white leather overcoat reinforced with a thin, fire-resistant coat of armor made of the same material as his boots. At some times the white in his hair will turn blue and he will sprout two horns of light, one red and one blue.

Powers: Carrying two powers once both revered and feared by humans and divine alike, he doesn't seem to know much about how to use them now but he seems to be aware that the power in his weapons seems to respond and resonate with the souls of divine beings such as angels and demons. Like Judas, his soul contains powers from both ends of the scale, but they lack any sort of clear development yet as his prolonged isolation and broken memory have led to its stagnation.

Weapons: This Adept wields two massively different and bizarrely-designed weapons; a sword carrying an aura of light that appears to be made from refined and reinforced moonstone and an axe that holds the ominous power of shadow within it created from a type of meteorite that remains unidentified and seen by no other human to this day.
Interestingly, both weapons appear as though they were meant to be wielded using both hands, and while he does do so sometimes he seems to have enough physical strength to dual-wield both at once.

Abilities: It becomes clear very quickly to any who face this Adept that his physical ability is well beyond those of the average human; enough so to rival even Zestal Ciphera. He's also surprisingly agile for having such cumbersome weapons of choice, capable of kicking backward or sideways off the ground to roll several feet. A careless opponent will find themselves getting attacked from behind very quickly.
He's capable of developing techniques by resonating with the souls of the divine and observing their methods of creating their own, but for the moment he doesn't seem to have any remarkably notable powers just yet... At least until someone makes him incredibly angry and he inadvertently calls on the powers of the souls within himself, sprouting his two horns and greatly amplifying his weapons' power and range with the latent magic inside himself.

Bio: The first of the Adepts ever created, this man is the result of a very ancient type of magic: willing the fusion of two passing souls and the creation of a vessel representing the two. The two souls represent two figures in an old war far preceding the undead outbreak Zestal was faced with: a young boy in a village known for assisting fallen angels and similar beings, and the demon general who mercilessly attacked it astride a terrifying dragon. The end of the nightmarish bloodbath was marked by both said people striking each other down simultaneously. From there, a mysterious entity whose identity remains unknown to this day perfomed the fusion ritual and planted a sort of mysterious metal within the resulting vessel in an effort to create the perfect soldier to oppose the demons. Two souls; one of innocence, one of power, within a vessel augmented by the wandering powers of the ones who fell that day.
However, when this newly created Adept woke he would soon find that the people of the surface would not take kindly to his bizarre nature and were in fact afraid of his potential power, fearing that the supposed "hero" would be corrupted by the more demonic soul he carried. From there, one day he was suddenly betrayed and brutally attacked by the very people he sought to protect following a long and hard battle with the demons. Though he never once struck back, he was ultimately subdued anyway and sealed underground with a spell that would lay him into what they hoped would be an eternal rest.
With his memory destroyed and so much time having passed, this Adept has next to no sense of the abilities he was given anymore and has no idea where or even who he is. He lies sealed under the Einherjar Commander Blazure's supply tower to this day, under the resting curse that can only be broken by the seal's destruction...
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Its been a week after the walk to the ruins , Zeddo is on his own journey for hiking while on his way , he found a glowing stone with an unknown symbol which he store it in a bottle , After hiking he returns home to analyze the symbol from which it came from

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Project E: Those of the Gift
Going into Rose's shop along with Zestal and the reformed and newly-named creature Spike, Burai carries the intel Kalin gathered on the Einherjar commanders and prepares the display to show their profiles as they currently stand.
Burai: I've heard a thing or two about most of these guys too... Some of these still aren't a hundred percent, but it gives us a decent clue of just what we're up against. Get ready to see these punks in all their ugly false glory...
Spike: Guu. Looks at a silvery metal sphere in the room and eventually starts playing with it like a ball.
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it was dark and everything cannot be seen , however Aurelius is taking all the souls he can feast for the dark evening of his hunger

I will get you all to my collection inside my chamber..... he absorbs the soul of the man he hold in his arms while leaving behind trails of corpses I sense a prescence nearby I must ambush blends in the darkness

+Death Angel

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Name: Aurelius Sumail
Code Name: Shadow Of Carnage
Age: 21 in his human form but he lives after the fall of the Shadow Temple
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Shadow Morph Creature
Appearance: He has black hair
Powers and Abilities:
Shadow Rage
Everytime he is in Shadow morph form , he gains strength the longer he stays in combat
Slight improve Strength
He can carry cars and medium sized debris in human form
Shadow Wraith
Whenever he is chasing something or running away , he flies to his location filled with shadow mist to pass through walls
Human Tranformation
He blends into human form to avoid getting hunted
Magic of Darkness
With his mastery of soul and shadow powers , he will hurl a ball of soul with shadow powers which looks like a fireball
Soul Consumption
When he consumes a soul he can turn his SoulShadow ball into a beam of light blue and dark energy and enchance his Caparace
Shadow Morph
When he is in Shadow form he gains increased strength , good dark magic manipulation and soul hungry at night
Relationship Status: Single
Bio : He was shadow warrior before and until one day the one of his fellow men fell one by one , so he decide to sacrifice himself to become the beast of his own until his human and his shadow morph , after the fall He is being summoned by the oracle of the ancient library to call upon his ancestors to return to the fallen kingdom.He knows that he still hunted down by the burdens who wiped out his family and relatives.He blends as Nikolai Lim
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Jay (on the left) and Zeddo (at the right) found a ruins while camping on the forest
(closed for +Death Angel )

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(continued with +Death Angel​)
Project E: Roaming in Reflection

After meeting Judas and getting introduced to the new dragons, Zestal, Ahyma, and the others have agreed to take on the challenges of the Mirror Realm in hopes of helping Kyouma and Alight purge the ominous presence influencing it through layer upin layer of the locks keeping it contained...
This will be a little bit tougher without my EMC, but the less time wasted the better. Where's the closest place we can enter from?

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"Wuju love my latest creation"
Name: Zeddo "Wuju" Lim
Code Name: Razor Blue
Age: 19
Sexuality: Straight
Species: PROJECT
Appearance: He has brown hair and brown eyes in human
Weapons: Hyperlight Alpha Blade Mk. 10
Powers and Abilities:
Maximum Overdrive
He activates his nanobyte inside his body and runs as fast he can while leaving an blue light tail like a comet
Hologram Strike
Blinks from 1 - 4 enemies in a quick strike , when blinking to strike he becomes a hologram but can be blocked by another sword to return his true form with out any harm
Improved Human Strength
He can be so good in close combat like Captain America but he can also carry cars and heavy building debris
Good Swordsman
Like A Samurai
Immense Healing Holographic Field
When taken heavy damage he recovers himself to give more strength in a fight but it has 2 charges and charges will be ready in 6 months
Augmented Glowing Blade
He may activate his nanobytes to give his blade some empowerment with electricity.
Relationship Status: Single
Bio:A smart , Charming and funny friend of Jay , he also heard he was dismembered then he wanted to track down those people who did it to him. He invented the nanobytes to give him powers on jay but he looks more like a cyborg.he spent many months trying to test his new found creation the NanoMolecularbytes Mk.6 and he did succeed.He implanted it to his body then he have the power of the true PROJECT.He called himself The Pure PROJECT after successfully used his nanobytes with out any of his body parts replaced with machines instead he uses his armor
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Project E: The Prideful Paladin
(continued from an RP with +Death Angel​ by comment limit)
*After encountering several unforseen difficulties in the battle with Myrrex's forces aboard a transport train riddled with traps, Zestal's EMC Core is in dire need of repair and the damage appears to have caused a malfunction with its power cells that is preventing them from recharging.
I-Is there any way to somehow jump-start this thing just long enough to get it off? I'd rather not have to totally dismantle it...
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