Hi everyone who is in the mood of doing a yaoi roleplay with me send me a message on hangouts we do it there ok alright I am so in the mood right now blushes xxx greets from me ^^

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\/\/\/\/\ You had the dark of night surrounding you, unable to see you own hands before you. As confused as you were you tried to recall how you got there, and what had happened. The last thing you remember was your standing before an enemy at gun point "W-what happened.... my men, the ship... were did they go?"/\/\/\/\/

\/\/\/\/\You did your best to look around at your surroundings as your vision came into focus. You were standing in the woods. but a part of you felt something eerie about this peace. The darkness, and the fact that the animals you saw all looked like they had been drowned. All but a white fox that stood there in front of you. His eyes were a pail peach color with the white of his eye being blood shot.You stood there for a good while staring at him as his eyes locked on to yours. You began to fell a pull in you chest, as though the fox was bringing you to him. Just as you tried to distance your self from the fox it opened its jaws and water jetted out of his mouth./\/\/\/\/

\/\/\/\/\ Every thing in his path was swallowed up by the flood that escaped him including you. It was at that moment you felt the pull get stronger, followed by throbbing pain in your chest. You looked down seeing a gaping hole that sucked up the water you were in. just as you reached the peak of your pain every thing went black /\/\/\/\/

\/\/\/\/\ "Hey......S-sir can you here me?, Hello?" You start to open your eyes only slightly, to see the face of a younger man before you. "Sir are you alright?" You jumped up coughing up the water you had took in from the sea. He moved back a bit to keep from getting any of it on him. You looked at your chest, still with a slight pain, and saw what looked like a scar from a bullet hole. The young man placed a blanket over you. His dog came over to greet you. He was sitting a good bit away, waiting for you to wake up, just as his owner did "This is Sky, if it wasn't for him waking me up, the sharks could have eaten you, I had to pull you out of the water, but I'm just glad I made it. How do you feel?" You looked at him for a good while before reaching over to shake his hand "Thank you... and your dog as while I guess,...W-what is your name?" He looked at you as you asked him this and smiled as he shook your hand. "I'm Koda Chase, and you are?" You looked up at him returning the smile "My name its (Y/N"

/\/\/\/\/Koda helped you to your feet "Your the man who left from here 3 days ago on the cruise ship aren't you? There was some sort of business thing going on. But no one was able to tell anyone any thing about it? I remember well because my father was on the ship too ...you being back here makes me wounder what really happened on that ship..." You realized that you did see him standing beside his father before the boat left the beach. His father was your boss. Koda looked at you and smiled slightly "lets get you in side" He said this to you as he led you to his home. It was a nice beach house that his father let the boy keep, and live in. His dog run in front of the tow of you and stood waiting at the door Koda got the door open and let you in "You can have a seat where you would like" *He said. You then..... /\/\/\/\/

~~~What happens next is up to you~~~
^^^^Have FUN

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(Yaoi!!! Open to sub male) you've been in an arranged marriage sense birth. A lovely girl. Her name was Ally. And she always came over every summer to visit you and the rest of your family. You where both very rich people. Your parents beleived in love at first sight. They thought you really loved Ally but you knew they would accept you changing your mind on what you wanted, company or love. You've been the best of friends with Ally for forever but when you get to her place for the first time and you meet her brother. And you felt instantly different. You had been walking by when you saw me meditating in the garden a waterfall behind me and a soft mist by me. You tried to get closer to me and I jump up and you feel a cold blade to your neck. I was a samurai?!
Continue from this:
Ally called out to us "(y/n), Kanda! What's wrong?" she asked running over "this... Baka... decided to disturb me." I hiss and Ally gets between us "it's okay Kanda... I'm sorry I've got this..." she gently pulls you away and I slowly sit back down and put my sword away closing my eyes and meditating again "sorry.... that's my big brother Kanda.... he doesn't like to be bothered unless it's important... but he'll be around later... you can talk to him properly at dinner."

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Hayo! WHO WANTS TO RP..... (u can choose yurself if ur bottom or top)
we have been vriends since a long time ago, it seemed we had also a bit of love orientation for each other
but one they u had to move away and i didnt hear anything from u anymore, the cause why u went away, i did not know
at the same time u had dissapeared out of his life, the world gets to know a new idol, a real womanizer, that was u..... and had this kept away from me
one day i get to hear that im an assistant to the great (y/n) and we meet again

We go from:
Producer: (y/n), today your new assistant will arrive! From today on he will keep ahold of your scedules

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name: Charlie
age: 20
eye color: sparkling ocean blue
hair color: yellowish blond.
hair style : short, shaggy, little bit spiky
height: 5' 6"
skin color: light sun tan.
gender: male
sexuality: homosexual
seme/uke/seke: uke
personality: cheerful, hyper, funny, sweet, adorable, childish, has a dark side that only shows when he's really ticked off, mischievous, he's also very out going, care free, likes to show how he's feeling in his paintings.
likes: Kittens, books, candy, men, kids, drawing, painting, gardening, flowers, cooking, working on cars.
dislikes: rude people, rude and perverted men that he doesn't know very well, crying children, cruel parents, abusive parents.
hobby's: drawing, painting, growing flowers, playing with children, reading.
Job: works at his grandmothers flower shop on 7 point avenue.
Bio: he has had a sad child hood, his mother died when he was 8, and his older sisters twin brother died in by getting hit by a car when he was 12, his father was very abusive to him and his older sister, but then his father died his a car crash cause he was to drunk to drive right, so then his grandmother took them in and raised them.
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Helloe everybody Who is in the mood of doing a yaoi rp/Roleplay with me Let me know on hangouts and add me too ok i am in the mood indeed of course blushes xxx <3 greets from me

I always kept a cute face for my master. But I ran away every time. I just didn't like my master. I would stay on the street and wait for someone to pick me up. This time, its in the rain

((Oh shit that is short. I'm fine with most of the things you do. And you can be an uke or seme, but if uke, my character rides you rather than entering you.))

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Someone had to go overboard.

Someone had to be the brave soul to do it.

Silon dreaded this moment, the picking of straws among the crew to see which man would meet their watery grave with a mermaid.

He had been lucky up until tonight, picking the shortest straw out of the bunch.

The crew looked at him sadly, but made him jump overboard and into the freezing water below in which the mermaid waited quietly.

*Correction, mer man *

{The merman would actually be the seme in this one.}
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I was a poor 16 year old both of my parents died when I was 10 and I've been romeing the streets for 6 years
You were a rich 20 year old and very popular with the ladies though you were secretly gay but didn't like to show it
one night I was in shreds after being beat by some goons whpo stole the last of my money and they even stole a necklace that my mom gave me and you happened to see me in shreds and bloddy and bruised as I got closer to you I started stumbling and right when I get a foot away from you I calapse at your feet and faints and you.........
[I need a protective seme no text talk and my name is Kino  please state your name and ask before starting and enjoy!!!! I am the one on the left you are the one on the right]
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{Master needed, you will be able to pick either boy.}

It was a blind info slave auction.

Nobody knew anything about the pets, just what they looked like. Nobody was allowed to ask questions, nobody was allowed to speak to the pets until they were bought.
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