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Soul Society Form

Name: Aaron
Sword name: Arumako
Date of Death: 09/14/39
Age: 17 (since death)
Likes: Unknown likes
Dislikes: People getting hurt, arguments, being involved in a fight, being teased, being accused of something I never did, jokes that are offensive.
Abilities: Last Resort
Skills: Summoning hollow form, flight.
Bio: I was a nice and funny guy of his own words. Has anger issues because of my grandfather that teases me all the time. Had great and caring siblings on my side, but at times we argue over stuff. I had sacrificed my own life to my own family one night when some guy was about to decapitate my older sister execution style.

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Name:Medusa/Dawn Winchester
Personality:kinda quite, very powerful,and stuff
(im not a bad version of Medusa im good)
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