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what is humidity
Humidity is the amount of water vapors present in the atmosphere (or air). Water vapors are the gaseous state of water and are invisible.
Humidity can be measured by three ways that are: absolute, relative and specific.
1. Absolute humidity is the water content of air in the gram per cubic meter at a given temperature.
2. Relative humidity is expressed in percentage, and it measures the current absolute humidity relative to the maximum humidity for that temperature.
3. Specific humidity is expressed as the ratio of the mass of the water vapors to the total mass of moist air parcel....

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Test For Gases In Laboratory

Complete Practical With Experiments

1. Test for Hydrogen
2. Test for Chlorine
3. Test for Sulphur Dioxide.
4. Test for HCl.
5. Test for Ammonia
6. Test for Sulphur Dioxide
7. Test for Nitrogen Dioxide.
8. Test for vapors
9. Test for Oxygen.
10. Test for Carbon Dioxide.
11. Test for Hydrogen Sulphide.
12. Quick Revision To learn Well

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Complete Explanation of Carboxylic acids


2.Functional Group
4.Carboxylic Acid Reactions
6.Tests of Carboxylic Acid

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Practice of various compounds

Resonance Structure,Resonance Energy:

Resonance Structure Examples

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Complete Explanation
1.What is Inductive Effect (i effect)
2 Inductive Effect Definition
3 Inductive Effect Examples
4 +i Effect
5 -i Effect
6 Applications of Inductive Effect

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Catalyst could make water-gas shift reaction viable for fuel cell applications

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Coordinate Covalent Bond |Dative|Examples

Table of Content: Complete Explanation

1.Formation of Coordinate Bond.
2.Coordinate bond.
3.Examples of the Coordinate bond.
4.Ammonium Ion Coordinate Bond.
5.Hydronium Ion Coordinate Bond.
6.Hydroxyl ion Coordinate Bond.

and much more…

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