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How about this?

i have seen him at a sad but cool fruneral and found out that he got inspied to writr the song "World chanegers" for this girls funeral that her wish from the "Make-A-Wish foundation she wanted to build water wells in afirica

i love his song hello my name is

hey u guys just 2 let u know i think there has been some confusion going around this page.  I am ONLY A FAN of matthew west. I am NOT  matthew West.  Um... and if u guys do anything major i would love u to post it! and thank you sooooooo much for joining! I am an unwanted kid from George, Iowa, USA and it makes me feel so special to have 26 people join!!!!!!

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Hi.Help me get to 1000+ likes on my page musicpreachke by liking the page and inviting friends

I absolutely love matthew west! I got to see him in concert at Oak Hills

hey everyone i will be on this afternoon around 3:30-4 o'clock i am having a event so if you can try to make it.  it is always here on google plus

Hey everyone! I just wanted to say thanx for joining my community! Never thought this many people would join. Also next week tuesday i will start being on more and having events. And dont b shy share things!no one can judge in this comunity. If they do.. well i will deal with them.

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one of my fav song by this singer!  it is like awesome!

Hey this community is all about the awesome guy called matthew west! he is an awesome singer and post his songs if you want.  FYI I think he is cute
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