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Hey all! Today is the last day to become a patron and participate in our give-a-way! Visit our patreon to sign up:

This year we are doing something special and getting a gift for every single patron! Patrick and I have been dusting off our laser cutter and 3d software. Here's a pic of an early draft done in acrylic.

In addition to the logos that we will be mailing to all patrons, we will also be giving away some 3-D fractal paperweights and some t-shirts! Check out our give-a-way stream live tomorrow at 6pm PT, 8pm ET!

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Hey all!

This Thursday (12/14) at 6pm pacific time (9pm eastern time), we will have our annual Patreon give-a-way! Come join us as we give away some awesome PT apparel and 3-D logos!

We will be streaming the give-a-way on here:

Also after the give-a-way Patrick and I will answer any live questions. See you there!

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How can you maintain a separate version of your app/site in all languages and locales? How do you handle right-to-left text, various currencies, and a bunch of languages with non-ascii characters? We explain all this and more in Internationalization!

Show notes:

Also, in this episode we talk about this year's awesome Patreon subscriber give-a-way! If you are a Patreon subscriber, make sure your address is up to date since that is where we will be sending the prizes. Follow us on Facebook/Patreon/Twitter/G+ so you can find out when we will be live-streaming the give-a-way!

Happy Hacking!

Hi Patrick and Jason!, how come you don't have a page to introduce yourselves? We've come to know a lot of your background and personalities through the show, but I think it could be cool if you wrote a page on yourselves on the podcast site. I think your audience is already sizeable enough to warrant it!

Also, another episode idea: interview yourselves! I'd totally love to listen to a couple of episodes like that.

Keep throwing down dudes!

Hey there! Long time listener, and I want to get involved in the community. I enjoy modern programming languages but I come from a CS background. I like studying algorithms, competitive programming, and basically just how intrinsically fun computing is by itself. I know java, scala, python, ruby, javascript, perl, C#, C and shell scripting.


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Listened to a few episodes today during a long drive. This podcast is really great. My thanks to Jason and Patrick for doing this!

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Now for something a little different :-D. Today, we are going to talk about... office space! Not the hilarious 1999 movie directed by Mike Judge, but modern office spaces for engineers and developers. We cover office setups, desk setups, amenities, and more! We won't cover IDEs (check out episode 55 for that) but we do cover how to code comfortably.

Show Notes:

This episode was a listener request. Let us know if you have any other ideas for shows by finding our emails from and sending us a message!

Also this is the last month to join our Patreon before our 2nd annual patron prize give-a-way, so sign up here:

Happy Halloween!

Hi +Jason Gauci and Patrick,

I listen to your podcasts and was wondering if you guys record straight to audacity? I personally have been trying out podcasting and wondered if you also use a mixer that enables you to mix/route several audio sources (for example your MIC and computer sound) and then edit afterwards using audacity?
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