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Unterwegs auf und im kleinsten Meer der Welt
#MiniaturWunderland #Schiffe #Nordostsee

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Erst mit dem großen Vorbild durch den Hamburger Hafen und dann mit dem Modell durchs Wunderland Wasserbecken.

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Hallo Leute,
Falls sich jemand von euch für den Bau einer eigenen Anlage interessiert, schaut doch mal bei vorbei. Hier gibt es Informationen zu allen Schritten von der Planung bis zur Umsetzung und viele weitere Tipps und Tricks. Ich freue mich auf euren Besuch, aber auch über Anregungen und Kritik!
Viele Grüße

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The free YouTube Model Builders Emag is out.
The May 2017 “A Family Affair” issue of the YouTube Model Builders eMag is now available! Download your FREE copy here:

It won’t be too long before schools will free the children to take a well-deserved break for the summer. By then we will have planned our summer vacations and model railroading just might take a hiatus as well. Yes, I know the outdoors beckon. However, this is the perfect time to spend with family and friends, introducing them to our great hobby of model railroading. When friends and family are over for a cookout or a pool party, do take a tour of followers and the curious to the train room or the basement. This is the best time to garner more support for our hobby.

Behind every successful model railroader, is a support network of family, friends, and resources. YouTube Model Builders is one of those resources with the monthly Live!Show!, the many weekly topic-driven presentations and community-based hangouts (I have seen many friendships forged on these hangouts), as well as this eMag. When it comes to having support from family and friends, our model railroading start has always included a family member, be it a grandparent, parents, or aunts and uncles, who have introduced us to the hobby.

In this issue, we celebrate that support by soliciting the viewpoints of modelers’ family members.

Michael Moonan takes us through a pictorial essay describing memories of his grandfather Frank Ellison and his fascination with model trains. Jen Hanson confesses her affinity for model trains and her desire to support her family’s participation in the hobby in her piece entitled “The Wife of a Model Train Enthusiast.” Sam Hanson, (Jen’s husband) writes about his perspective of the hobby and how it has enabled him to build a closer bond with his family.

Josh Cohen’s grandmother Kathy Edwards describes Josh’s love of trains and model railroading that was nurtured by her and his other grandmother (Grandma Choo Choo). A.J. Kleipass and his mother Yvonne discuss how AJ’s passion for model trains grew into what AJ calls a “train addiction” in their article “Confessions of a Train Addict’s Mother.” Lynn Terry, who enjoys photographing trains, shares her poem “A Haunted Experience” which describes a ghostly scene of lonely train tracks she captured on a misty day.

The Track Planner breaks down the definition of selective compression and how to properly apply it to our model railroad layouts. Jack Hykaway writes about how the London and Northeastern Railway (LNER) was saved with the development of their new streamlined A4 Pacific steam engines and the breaking of the speed record by their A4 Pacific Mallard.

Harry Haythorn introduces us to the history and current uses of diamond railroad crossings in his column “UP-Hub.” Andy Crawford describes his frustrations and struggles with finding a balance point between work, family, and model railroading time in his column “Food for Thought…”

We hope you enjoy this special “A Family Affair” issue of the YouTube Model Builders eMag.

Happy Model Railroading!

JD (Loggin’ Locos)
YouTube Model Builders eMag

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Impressionen vom kleinsten Hafengeburtstag der Welt.
#MiniaturWunderland #Hamburg #ships

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Yellow Submarine im Miniatur Wunderland.
Mit dem U-Boot auf der Suche nach Atlantis.
#MiniaturWunderland #submarine #scalemodel #Atlantis

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